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Idle problem following tampering...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey all.

    After somebody put my SR500 on prime and flooded it (see https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=40014) I've had two problems: the bike can now be very hard to start hot, and it now stalls. The starting issue - usually the hot bike always starts within 1 to 3 kicks - seems to be sorting itself out (I ride the bike almost daily, and went for a decent blat on the weekend which always helps things), but the stalling issue is a problem. Aside from the first day I got the bike, I've not encountered the problem until now, where it doesn't hold to idle well when I'm coming to a stop - before it would fall to and remain at 12,000 rpm, but now at times it easily falls below that to the point that I have to be careful it doesn't stall, which it did today in two days ago, as it did once on Sunday in the middle of traffic. This problem seems to me directly linked to the flooding of the carbie, considering that it is a new problem and developed immediately after that, so I'm wondering if anybody has any thoughts on what might be the problem in consequence of that probable cause?

    Also, a mate said that even with prime on, the carb shouldn't have been overflowing into the overflow pipe as it was, and that this might denote a problem. What thinks youse?

    One more question, if I have the idle a few thousand revs higher (wavering between 13 - 15,000), the problem doesn't occur - but what is the effect of this long-term on the bike?

  2. What exactly did you fiddle with?

    Could it be that the pilot screws have been misadjusted? this can cause symptoms similar to yours.

    Aside form the idle being adjusted too low, I'm not sure that you could adjust anything else that will cause this.

    Leaving it on prime will fill up the carb.
  3. Short term effects are big monos when the clutch is released!!! :LOL:

    Do you mean 1500 rpm? :wink:

    I dont think it's a worry, I'm guessing your pilot screws need adjusting.

    These control the mixture at idle.
  4. you may have a small bit of crap under your float needle. this means it's running rich and flooding down low.

    Pull the bowl off and spray some carbie cleaner about.

    btw. rub a zero off the numbers above.
  5. Check the plugs as well, starting the flooded bike may have seriously fouled them. and +1 to what everyone else has said.