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Idiots these days..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Quivorir, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. So some idiot stops to drop someone off in front of my drive way. Me, being the patient man I am, politely wait for him to remove his car from the area so I can go in. He gets out of his car struts over to me like he is Gandhi and is all "What the **** you doing?". "Waiting to get in my ****ing drive way" I say. "Oh, I thought you were following me" the idiot says.

    Now why would I wait on my bike for him to come to me if I wanted to start shit? And surely when your parked across a drive way and someone is sitting there with indicating of the drive way you would put two and two together..
  2. This guy pushes the limits of human intellect...backwards.
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  3. & this bloke probably has two kids at home.
  4. the dumber they are the more they breed in Australia lol................
  5. hahahahha
  6. check out the movie 'Idiocracy'.....mmmm gatorade
  7. Good movie, that one. LOL.
  8. fml

    five character limit
  9. ... f*cking scary eh??..... I see dumb people breeding everywhere!!!! 8-[
  10. Haha, great movie...
  11. :furious: [-X
  12. Lol as a guy who lives in western sydney...................ive seen these dum dums breed like crazy. People here have kids at 16, not finish HS, go on the dole and continue having kids.......................the plasma bonus a few years back was a golden bonanza......kids were popping out like crazy and parents had new TV on every room lol.