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Idiots running red lights

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by fruechtel, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Just escaped a serious accident this morning, when a car coming from the opposite direction turned right across my path after my lights turned green. I have observed this behaviour quite frequently when these heroes actually accelerate when they see the amber lights and run through the red lights at high speed. That is why I don't trust the green light but always look what the oncoming traffic is actually doing. But I do sometimes wish I would drive a Mercedes Unimog and could just keep going!
    I am equally amazed about how many cars will still follow me through an intersection, when I am still moving through an amber light. Nothing unusual to see 5 or six cars still coming after me and some of them must be driving through the red.
    I hate the speed cameras as much or more than most when they are targetting riders for just a few km\h above the limit. But I do wish there were more red light cameras, because running a red light is always dangerous and there is just no excuse for it. Surely there is good money to be made and maybe a good camera system could also pick up a few dozen mobile phone users whilst they are at work.

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  2. Thankfully, running red lights isn't something I see here very often - but that's because we have more roundabouts than lights.

    Although, I have 'run' a red light quite deliberately. I felt quite safe doing it. It was 4am, absolutely no traffic to be seen and the damn light wouldn't fcuking change to green for me. So I ran the red.
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  3. I have done that too in the past, when lights early in the morning just did not change on an empty road. Actually rang the police station afterwards and asked them what I should have done. Typically they could not bring themselves to say: " in that situation you were right" but they told me that the correct thing is to wait until they will turn green which they will do eventually. :wacky:
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  5. It happened to me once early in the morning at a notorious intersection where police used to hide and wait. No cars in sight in either direction on the road I was travelling on to trip the sensor, waited a bit longer, even moved the bike back and forwards over sensor line/strips still no result. So put the bike on the side stand and walked over and pressed the pedestrian button.
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  6. Done that before too. Make sure you ring VicRoad/RMS/Whoever to let them know their lights aren't tripped by motorcycles or pushbikes....
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  7. Disagree. Sometimes I might run a red rather than risk a rear ender from the idiot behind me tailgating.
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  8. Is it just a Queensland thing? or does it happen everywhere, I live on the Gold Coast, I am sure it has become an accepted thing here, not just one car, several!!! I sit at the front of the que and inform them as they go past, red light, red light, red light, get some dirty looks and love it. Never jump a green light with out looking these days.
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  9. I respect your right to do so, but I would rather have someone bumping me from behind than a frontal or side on crash, where the impact forces compound. Also with a rear ender, there is no problem resolving the guilt issue and getting insurance backing. If you run a red light, you haven't got a snowball chances in hell of finding a guilty party other than yourself, if you happen to crash.
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  10. I am talking about sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green, and talking to the turkeys who run the opposite red lights in front of me.
  11. It's about timing and risk. Running a red light by a second or so with a big truck bearing down on you from behind - the risks are minimal that you'll be hit by the side, as there is a delay of a couple of seconds from when the light turns red, to when it turns green for the other party.

    My technique for approaching lights is as follows:

    If it is green I get to a point where I no longer care about the light. I check left, and right at the intersection for any vehicles running a red light, emergency vehicles, santa's sleigh, etc and if clear I continue through. This may put me near the end of the amber because I stop paying attention to the lights and start assessing everything else well before entering the intersection - but I've never ran a red light like this yet.

    Yes - I could be pulled up by a cop for running an amber light with time to stop - but I'd prefer to have time to assess all directions and traffic as best as I can rather than being worried if I'm going to be harassed about the timing of an amber light.

    Alternatively if I'm approaching the intersection and the light turns amber and / or may turn red & I have time to stop - my technique is to first look is at my review. If I'm on my bike, and their's a big ass truck bearing down on me quickly, 4WD tailgating, or I get the vibe that the driver behind is doing their makup in the review, texting, etc - otherwise not paying attention - I don't give a rip about the lights anymore - my concentration is on all traffic - the guy behind me, what's to the left, to the right, and what out's I have. The chances are I may still get through on the amber, or I might run a red by a second or so. (Before the other lights turn green). Either way, I'd prefer this over being rear ended by a large vehicle.

    If I'm sitting at the lights and no one is behind me, I'm in gear - ready to go focusing on my review. Again assessing the situation and I already have an 'out' planned. (Which might mean entering the intersection - but not going completely through it - rather hard left or right to get out of the darn way). Each situation can be different, so I assess to the best of my abilities and what I have to work with.

    But someone running a red light just to 'beat' the red light and no other reason (safety or otherwise) - I completely agree... idiots.
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  12. Or maybe I should have said "but someone running a red light just to beat the red light... amateur - get a bike with faster acceleration and get through on the amber. ;)

  13. I said to myself, "You must live in Queensland"

    I was right :)
  14. B doubles DO NOT simply 'bump' you from behind.

    You need to asses each circumstance and take the most appropriate action that will result in the least amount damage to YOU. The best, safest option maybe to run the light and take a sharp left to avoid getting cleaned up by a B double - been there done that. Or the most appropriate action maybe to put the bike on the side stand, get off and step away (or just jump off and run) - haven't done it but I do know someone who has.

    There is no absolute right or wrong answer in this..