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Idiots riding through Leongatha on Sunday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chlowen, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Taking my family to a childrens birthday party in Leongatha last Sunday, driving in the family wagon, coming into town, double white lines, 2 bikes went flying past, we were doing about 105kmh they must have been doing 160 to 180, went flying past over the double white lines, there 2 friends following had a bit more sense and slowed down and followed us into town. I have been riding since march this year, now when my wife saw this I was subjected to "You had better not ride like that" which I don't. But come on guys, you were about 1km from the 60kmh speed limit and you guys were riding like idiots.

    Anyway just wanting to vent.


  2. Heeeeeeeere we go again.
  3. Why were you breaking the law with your family in the car? :?
  4. Anyone who is travelling faster than me is an idiot. Anyone who is travelling slower is a moron.
  5. safety nazi!!!! :LOL:
  6. well atleast we know who it was......where the fcuk was my invite :LOL: :p
  7. Right on Clown, you have every right to be upset - they should have sat for minutes on the wrong side of the double white lines overtaking at 106kmh instead.
  8. So you were breaking the law?

    Not to mention that "doing about" usually translates to
    Im only breaking the law a little bit - but in reality I was going quicker
  9. I can't believe that you were speeding with children in the car, don't you know there are kamaze motorbike riders around there! :roll:

  10. So you don't quite understand what riding is about yet.

    But you will, my friend, you will.

    Just make sure that you gain the skills you need to do it first, and always ride within your abilities, as those riders no doubt were.
  11. You were there then?
  12. Alas no, Cejay. But if I had been, you know that I might have been up with the first two riders. :grin: But I have been known to be cautious in overtaking, particularly in the wet.

    I was assuming that they were riding within their limits, since our friend didn't report seeing them crash, the first two riders overtook successfully, and the last two riders waited behind him to overtake at a later time. It seems all four were making good decisions.

    So were you there then?
  13. No, but I am not the one making assertions that they were riding well within their limits either.
  14. Lulz.

    Road laws are written for cars, bikes can do whatever they like... D'uhh
  15. hahah when did all the memebers on netrider become so damn funny. There was not 1 seroius reply to that post LoL.

    You buggars make my day intersting i tells ya. Sometimes u can predict which post will get flamed just by the title. LOL.
  16. Hmmm. Actually Cejay, I just said that they were riding within their limits, not "well within their limits." The fact that they survived the maneuvours is prima facie evidence that they were, indeed, within their limts. :p

  17. Sorry, I had a dirty air filter and the bike wasn't running so well. I was aiming to pass at a much safer speed but the bike was struggling.
  18. That's ok then. Just as long as you know that I am watching you for any forum indiscretion!
  19. tsk tsk, hmmm I don't think it was me. :p
  20. Or lucky.

    I'm just sayin'...