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Idiots on the weekend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by J Gray, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. I rode from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour and back on the weekend and didnt I see some outstanding behaviour.

    #1. Going north through Kempsey in 50 zone. Doing 50 in the right lane and a ute 10 metres ahead doing 50 too. 70 year old man behind me thinks he should overtake me and slip in the ten metre gap between me and the ute. Only problem. Hes driving a landcruiser with a huge caravan. I was onto it early so had the brakes covered and didnt even come close to hitting. So I stick the hand up in the WTF? gesture then change it into the finger. Stupid old guy didnt look once. No head check no mirrors, nothing.

    #2. Driving mums car on the highway south of Coffs with my 12 year old bro in the car. Doing the speed limit. Truck comes up behind me 1 foot off my rear and proceeds to flash his lights at me trying to get me to hurry up. Does this for a full minute till i stick the hand out the window and tell him to pull over and settle it. At my turn off he gets right up my arse and on the horn so i responded in kind.

    #3. Countless people overtaking in my lane half a foot from my bike. Granted im on my L's and was doing 80. Should of kicked em as they went past. They all got a shake of the head when they made eye contact. And one nice lady decided to flash her lights at me and yell cause i wouldnt move over on to the gravel so she could go past.

    So, how many idiots did you guys see this weekend?
  2. sounds pretty normal really.

    welcome to motorcycling. You'd better get used to it.

    Not making excuses for teh dick head drivers, but just saying its life.
  3. meh, lots of idiots. :grin: I have lost the urge to complain or get angry about it, makes life a whole lot easier. :grin:
  4. How many did I see?

    Just one.

    Was in Port Maquarie and saw some motorbike rider on his Ls picking fights with everyone on the road. :p :p

  5. Haha nah i dont pick fights, Just the one with the truckie casue he was an absolute ****. I know its what its like and I am used to it. Just put it up cause I find it funny to read about how dumb people drive and wanted to see if there was some dumb/funny episodes on the weekend.
  6. Arr stop ya sookin' and ride! Don'tcha know, it's an obstacle course out there?
  7. Its pretty normal I think...

    At the start when I was on my L's I got the same reaction. I would sit on the speed limit and people would be passing me at like 5km over so I speed up to catch them at 65-68 km and thinking my speedo was over-reading by 5km. When I got used to riding at 5km over on my speedo I find I keep on passing cagers... So I think my speedo was right and its just cagers that wanted to pass me.

    Now im on my P's it seemed abit better. Cagers dont give me the sh!ts anymore. Cant wait till I get my P's off (32months to go and counting)
  8. 32 months? WTF?
  9. That's why I did just over the speed limit everywhere on my L's.

    I ain't saying it's right and legal... just sayin' it's safe.
  10. Sounds normal to me.
    Remember everyone IS out to get you and it seems worse when on L's and P's. Maybe its a perception thing.

    EDIT: Depending on what you're riding you could be doing 10k less than indicated.
  11. +1 for me for speed zones above 80 I would do 90 makes a reasonable diff to the tailgating particularly on single lane roads

  12. Precisely the reason that I *ahem* tend to forget to put on my L plates all the time....just slips my memory you know.

    Living in a country area means 110kmh roads just about everywhere. If I was to do 80 all the time I would have every B-double and every wacker in a hot ute up my clacker doing stupid shit trying to get past me on the winding roads here.

    Stuff that, it's dangerous enough as it is riding on the road even without unskilled drivers taking silly risks all around you.

    If/when I get caught by Mr Plod I will take it on the chin, no problemo there.
    Until then I will just play it safe, stay alive, and keep up with the traffic and avoid the road ragers and tailgaters.
  13. When you're on you L's and P's people get the s**ts when you do the speed limit then they get the shits when we fly past them!!
    you just can't please some people !!:wink: :LOL:
  14. The 80 restriction for L platers on bikes is just as dumb as it gets.
    As if an L plater on a vulnerable form of transport needs something else to make them even more of a target.
    As for teh rest of it, standard riding behaviour. Once you get a larger bike it will be less of an issue, people will give you more room.... usually, well most of the time, well no. :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Reminder

    Just a reminder though, that if you are going <speed limit, it is the right and courteous thing to allow other vehicles to pass if safe and practical to do so. This may mean adjusting your position in the lane.
  16. Bah, once you get a twin with a real sound coming out of the exhausts, they move for you, trust me ;)
  17. It is normal out there... hence you have to be ten times more aware as a rider than a driver.... As for tailgaters, just ignore them - you're in front, they can go get f.cked! As for those w.nkers who overtake you without going fully across the line into the right lane, yes kick them. You could argue that you didnt know they were on your side of the line and you had a sudden powerful cramp in your right leg :twisted: and besides if you dont want to stop for them afterwards, you can get away from them in heavy traffic... You have rights as a road user as much as the car drivers do, so the law will always be on your side if you did the right thing. And be extra careful around trucks....i have seen pushbike cyclists get sucked under when trucks go past too closely.
  18. +1 for the Stupidity of the L and P plater limits in NSW.
  19. They basically are telling L's and P's to stay off freeways and higher speed roads.
    Which is really smart.....not! :roll:
    Plus they loose their licence straight away for any speeding infraction!
  20. I typically see this happening to scooter riders who are unaware of suitable roadcraft for two-wheeled vehicles. That's because they ride on the far left of the lane instead of the right-hand wheel track.

    Are you are riding in the right wheel track to protect your space?