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Idiots on the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MarvinTheMartian, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Coming down from the Blue Mountains on Sunday at about 1730.

    I’ve never seen such idiotic behaviour before, the traffic was already going above the posted 80km/hr, when these 3 idiots led by a P plater, blasted past us, lane splitting through traffic for at least the 250m that I could see. Let alone the P plate idiot that was going the wrong way on the M4.

    I've seen some stupid stunts but those idiots take the cake, aw well I guess Darwin will catch up with them very soon, I just hope they don't take out any one else :deal:

  2. Yeah, like the twerp blatting up and down Marine Pde in Hastings yesterday on a well-abused 250 Virago with a totally :squid: pillion.

    Villages all over the place are missing their idiots, you don't have to look too far :mad:
  3. Wow just because someone rides fast they are an idiot.
  4. Riding fast and by the sound of it dangerously. yes idiot
  5. Oh right i forgot im talking to some NR riders, if its not by the book then its dangerous.
  6. This message brought to you by:

  7. So Chervile, are you the idiot? I'm not against riding fast , but lane splitting between speeding traffic??? Doesn't take much for an accident to happen especially at the speed and other antics these riders were doing.
  8. Yeah from the looks of things im a massive idiot but in doing what i do i have never ever had anything bad happen to me while lane splitting in moving traffic and to say the lest at the speeds which i pass cars there is no room for error and its only dangerous if the rider doesn't know what they are doing.
  9. No matter how you dice it, continuously lane splitting, ducking/weaving, heavyish traffic at a decent clip above the traffic speed, is risky behaviour.

    It would be looked on by most people as idiotic behaviour.

    That's a different scenario to splitting two moving cars to get into the clear gap ahead of them and therefore improving your safety and lowering your risks.

    :LOL: hope you don't have a glass jaw dude.:LOL: By the way, did you see the "moron driver" thread... :-k
  10. You are an idiot for assuming that you know exactly what another person is going to do.

    Sure I speed a fair bit, some might even say I'm an idiot as well, but I take CALCULATED risks. Saying its only dangerous if you don't know what you are doing is stupid because there is no way your ever going to know what someone might do.

    BTW cleverlie, i'm not trying to bag you out - I appreciate the way you stick up for riders who chose to ride at speed, even though you get flamed constantly :p
  11. you don't know something doesn't mean that everybody don't know too :grin:
  12. When i said "aslong as you know what your doing" or something i ment in the calculated way like judging their speeds and what if they did this or that and how long it would take you to get past and be in the clear and for all this to work you have to also know your bike and what your able to do.
  13. At the end of the day it's on their hands if they fcuk up while lane splitting at those ridiculous speeds. There is no need to lane split when traffic is already moving at the posted speed. I think the closest I've come to that is shooting between two cars if they are for whatever reason stuck below the speed limit. Though when I do it I prepare myself for the absolute worst knowing if something happens it's on me. :(
  14. I lane split if there's room and I want to be in front of 2 cars travelling side-by-side at the same speed.

    It could be dangerous sometimes, I spose.
    Can't believe how dead against it some Melbournites are... your lanes are luxury spacious down there :shock:
  15. Too much Ghostrider for you.
    "only dangerous if the rider doesn't know what they are doing"
    That's complete BS. You've been lucky.
  16. Too much ghost rider...why would you say that? I don't really pay attention to him anymore because you know....he isn't all that great.

    Luck has nothing to do with it, i've got the worse luck.
  17. it's the brainwashed, "speed kills" mentality and the 3Kph margin.
  18. I wasn't going to get involved in this until I read your post Cleverlie, in the "So have you had an off?" thread:



  19. Yeah so, i was fooling around in unmarked corners i had never been on, It was something i've learnt from. Don't go fast unless you know the road.

    Its not asif i was hurt badly or anything.
  20. Nah, it's that we seem to value our skin more than our northern brothers ;)