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Idiots on the road in Tas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smack, May 27, 2007.

  1. T intersection. 3 lane each way highway out near the Dec. The road is a two lane each way off to my left. The lighrts favour the oncoming traffic to turn across infront of me. 3 vehicles turn and head off down the 80kph road. One sits in the right lane at 75 the other sits just a bit back in the left lane and matches speed. the third vehicle sits a safe distance behind the front one, wanting to pass, but being a Tasmanian, can't handle lane changing....

    Anyhow, I sit in the right lane and the one left of me sits just close enough to make it dangerous for me to zip left and past.

    The two holding us up were bikes, I was in my 4WD Turbo ute. The one on my left saw me head check a few times, but took a while to wake up and then did the right thing. He sped up and pulled in behind the lead bike and let both cars stuck behind go. Identical metric cruisers with 50+ couples out for a sunday ride.

    YA gotta laugh at the locals down here.
  2. :applause: Classic tassie Ulysees behaviour..... did they happen to have enough time to mention why they are better than you and why it is their right to hold up traffic?
    Smack Ya hoon, slow down :LOL:
  3. Idiots on the road everywhere...
  4. bloody ute drivers...............

  5. You'd think with two heads they'd see road hazards twice as fast as the rest of the Australian population :rofl:
  6. we met 3 Ulysses riders yesterday at Lancefield - on 250's and very unstable they were as well.

    They almost ran into each other when they were leaving!.

    If it wasn''t so scary, it would have been funny.,
  7. And the extra fingers should help them with control a bit too... :LOL:
  8. Aw, I saw the topic title and thought it was some sort if invitation. :(
  9. I was convinced (by experience) that victorian drivers were worse than the idiots here, but lately that seems to be changing. My pet hate is the intersections where two lanes turn the corner to become three, and someone ALWAYS has to think that they're lane becomes two, not one. Harrington/Sandy Bay Road/Davey St is a pure example of that.
  10. I thought it (idiots) was a redundant word. Tassie kinda says it in the main.... :p
  11. :shock:
    Pfftt..I'm sorry, but Tassie drivers are shocking.....what indicator? Why stay left? I'm not entering that intersection to turn until, the lights turn amber, then we'll all run the red light together...YAY! :roll:
    At least there's not much road rage here, I'll give you that.
    Oh hang on...that's coz no-one is in a hurry, not even during peak 15 mins. :LOL:
    Everyone here is on Tassie time..... :?