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Idiots, idiots everywhere!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by POPEYE, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. in two years of coming back to riding i've only ever vented here once & that was about myself!!!

    what what a week,

    Monday - white van driver runs a red light & nearly takes out a group of pedestrians right in front off me, i wonder how much longer it takes an iPhone trasnfixed pedestrian brain to relize they have been hit by a two tonne machine compared to a normaly alert one

    Thursday midday - turn right into anzac pd at five ways round about going towards souths jnrs, what is that, holy shit its a car going the wrong way down a major rd turning into the round about coming straight at me....been living here all my life & it took me 5 sec to relize this.....its a major dual carriage way with a massive park in between both directions of travel & signs everywhere telling you its a one way st **** me! all i can remember is the passenger laughing in the car like it was some big joke

    Friday night i was driving down a back street looking for a park at the spot randwick when suddenly a middle aged women pulls out in front of me from a side street on my right then proceeds to reverse into me?? wtf, i had to reverse to avoid getting hit?
    turns out she simply wanted take the parking spot next to me which is actually a driveway to an empty lot of land....clever women, but jesus the agression!

    Today....cruising back from a well known biker spot south of sydney plenty of traffic on the main rd i pull up at the lights.....notice a toyota kluger pulls up on my right 1/2 the car over the red light stop line, the 2nd one. i think this is odd? i take off normally but well ahead of all the other cars to the speed limit....now i think nothing off it......2x blocks down rd the toyota kleuger flys by me now on the inside within an arms lengths to spare at a stupid speed & continues down the road....wtf he was hauling ass but a caught up to him in a couple of seconds pulled up next him & gave him a 'what hell are you doing'? jesture? i relize he get saggro & i get the f**k out of there

    i get back to the eastern suburbs & over 1.5 hours later & now i cruising home when i notice a black audi trying to overtake me on the inside but there were parked cars there, he is now his tailgating me....ok maybe its because the guy in front is doing 40kph in a 60...ok so i overtake & pull into another rd....3x blocks later theres the audi again!

    now his trying to overtake me on the right & starts tailgating me aggressively so he was deliberatly following me wtf!? i slowly drift to a red light checking my mirror his tailgating, **** it check left/right & get the **** out there!!!! now his just a speck in my mirror!

    i mean seriously, 2x years of riding no issues or maybe i have been too blind or tolerant of other drivers when on my bike

    what the **** happend this week, actually this month of idiots!

    i seriously think the hot weather is getting to people & they are trying to take it out on us bikers, they must be jealous cause they have to drive their fat ass families to some lame ass dinner & they see us bikers having the time of our lives free & enjoying our weekends & not stuck in hot stinking traffic with artificial A/C air blowing at us & kids screaming in the back

    i am seriously thinking about throwing my keys in & taking up moutain biking instead......which is a shame because i have improved so much : (
  2. There is no need to give up riding over some idiots..
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  3. Hey Popeye, let's look at it as a glass half full instead of a glass half empty mate, every one of those incidents you described so well because you were aware of them happening around you, that's your motorcycle spidey senses at work.

    Well done and don't quit .. hanging up the helmet only means they win!
  4. Your all worked up mate, because you haven't been adding to the mini rage thread therefore got all this pent up frustration from a few weeks of cnuts on the roads.

    Good to share though!
  5. THAT!

    Keep riding.
  6. As nobby said, you must be doing something right because you've survived the idiots.
  7. Please take this the right way as it is not having a dig just analysing your OP.

    Is there something different you have done?
    Why were you not visible to some of these people?

    I am not saying for one second that they weren't all in the wrong! Just sometimes we need to analyse further than just the other driver to ensure that we stay safe.

    Definitely no offence intended, just asking for YOUR sake :)
  8. Any lesson learned from a near miss is useful, regardless if someone else is in the wrong.
    Very true.
    We always come off 2nd best.
  9. Start speeding in traffic, you'll live longer.
  10. This. Make it so if they're gonna tag you, they need to be a REAL good shot...
  11. You're doing something right. Definitely don't quit riding, you'll hate being in the car.

    Also it's nearing the end of the holidays, people are going back to work after a good rest and just feel like shit. They have to get back into the whole work routine, but getting to work in traffic agitates them more than usual until they get used to it and drive less aggressively.

    I have noticed more idiot drivers during the new work year. Give it a month or so after the kids are back at school, things will calm down a little but of course, watch out for school zone dramas.
  12. Reckon that BS where cars pull up well over the line at lights needs to be cracked down on. It's a common trend with mercs/beemers/audis again. They even teach their children to do it! Seen a fair few L platers in such cars that are just taught badly from the start. (not to mention... we need that space when we filter!)

    The passenger in the car that was going the wrong way... most likely they were laughing out of hysteria - what would you do if you couldn't stop the nut driving the car you were in?
  13. Well when i said i got the **** out of there, i got the **** out of there!!!

    thanks for comments guys, defineatly a knee jerk comment from me.....

    after a day of cooling down i do think some things i could have done better in hindsight:

    1. the red light runner i was an observer
    2. the guy going the wrong way - i did the right thing avoided the car going the wrong way & tooted my horn at him to indicate a danger
    3. the selfish reversing women, i had right of way & she was a selfish biatch, she saw me i was in a car... i did the right thing, kept my cool reversed away from her to avoid a collision & calmy drove away
    4. the driver of the toyota Freddy Kruger, maybe i overtook him earlier & some drivers really take offence to this,but he defineatly knew i was there & was trying to scare me deliberatly.....he did not hit me, so i should not have caught up to him & flipped him off. In hindsight I should have stayed behind him to observe & give him right of way when i first noticed his agitated driving manner (overstepping the red light line) or got the **** out there in the first place thereby givnig him no chance at all
    5. i have no clue what the Audi was on about, he defineatly saw me & was targeting me, i did the right thing got the hell out of there

    somehow i think you are right, its as if everyone is driving likes its home time friday everday

    wow i gotta start posting here more often, i feel alot better!
    thanks again:woot:
  14. Really.. experience has told me those trees hurt just as bad... :p

    Seriously though, crap happens in life and occasionally you get a day that stands out...
    And from the sounds of things, you got thru it in one piece so you did well that day so why throw in the keys..

  15. It's not your imagination. The levels of fvckwittery and arseholiness have dramatically risen over the last few weeks. This also makes for entertaining footage for my helmet cam to capture.
    Good to know this was said in the heat of the moment. We need more observant riders such as yourself. Stay alert and safe.
  16. So if there is a 'crackdown', do you reckon we'll be exempted? Be careful what you ask for IMO.:wink:
  17. I really meant vigilante justice. I didn't mention any police involvement... :D
  18. You just got your 2 yrs worth in one week, that's all.

    No...there is no conspiracy against bikers, above the normal amount. :)

    I understand you're exasperation...we all do, I'd reckon...just put it down to a full moon or something, and ride on. :)
  19. Funny how you can go weeks without any dramas and then get three dìckwads in a short ride. Synchronised periods?
  20. I haven't got my bike yet but after today no wonder my friends and family are worried!!!

    Car/car incident.

    I'm at the lights waiting to turn left..pedestrian is crossing and I wait for him to fully cross before I take off. The 4wd behind me decides to beep before the pedestrian is even off the road.

    So I take off and then break(probably not a good idea) but the 4WD behind me was up m ASS!!! and I hate that. So instead of backing off he decides to over-take me furiously and very close to me and then breaks infront of me. But I was aware of what he was going to do so I was going very slow and kept away from him. FHL the MOFO!!!

    Now I know I shouldn't have provoked him by breaking just after I took off and I will not do that again, because who knows what idiot drivers I might encounter again.

    Let him be a ********...I'm sure his time will come and he will learn his lesson.