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Idiots and the way that the media present them

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dirty TRiX, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. OK, he's pulled a 170 kph wheelie on a freeway. Thumbs up in my view, obviously a talented rider, but it was a kind of dumb spot to do it since it's a regular radar trap.

    You play and you pay.


    My big issue with this is the media beatup trying to present it as a high speed street chase through the suburbs. The guy was speeding on a freeway and then over a 3 lane wide bridge (which admittedly is a 60 zone but really should be an 80 zone), no houses and no intersections anywhere nearby.

    How does that tie in with the headline used by "The Beatup Times"?

  2. not surprised. THeir job is to pull eyeballs to their site. Presenting an objective viewpoint is optional (especially if it interferes with priority 1).
  3. agree with you on all counts, but this one.
    bridges are funny things, particularly when submitted to changing weights/speeds etc.
    have you watched "Ice Road Truckers" on pay TV? if so, imagine the iceroad is a bridge. they are effectively the same for engineering purposes and there are serious speed limits for the portions of road that are made only of ice, because of the "wave" that is generated by the movement of the vehicles.
    generally this wave (picture a bow-wave at the front of a ship) will progress along the bridge without a problem, however if it meets a wave coming the other direction, the amplitude equals the size of both of the waves added together which can be enough to cause catastrophic failure.
    there is always a reason for speed zoning, someitmes it IS ridiculous (like my playground on the mad mile - i can do it 140-150 all the way in the car or the bike and yet they just dropped it from 100 to 90 :evil: )but the reason is there.
  4. he must of been stuck in third gear, its a wonder they didnt report he was on a mobile, while texting and standing on the tank.

    maybe if you cant do more than 60 they need to learn how to build better bridges :p
  5. im not familar with the bridge but he could av gone off the edge of it

    i couldnt find the headline you spoke off

    +1 to penno2

    cheers :cool:
  6. The only reason the Houghton Highway is a 60 zone is because it uses tidal flow for the traffic - 2 lanes to Brisbane in the morning, 1 lane to Redcliffe, and reverse in the afternoon, swap the routine on the weekends and public holidays.

    It is a nice smooth bridge, and quite easy to clock up to 80 in a car, on your way to a wedding with the wedding rings in the boot and the groom in a panic!!!

    I much prefer the old bridge name - the Humpybong!!!

    There is one intersection on that stretch - at the start and end of the bridge there are traffic lights.
  7. Not being a Brisbanite, I had to consult the trusty whereis.com.au. I don't see a beat-up in the reporting. He was speeding (fact) through a suburb (fact) in excess of the posted speed limit (fact) and performed a stunt whilst doing so (fact). That he sped up (169 in a 100 zone) to be clocked at 220 in a 60 zone seems to be factual reporting. The charges he was given also seem to be reported fairly.

    I don't see the beat-up here. All I see is responsible reporting about a guy who broke quite a few laws and got caught doing it. They didn't tar all motorcyclists with the same brush, or insinuate anything about the rest of us. They didn't sensationalise the story at all, in fact, I thought it was a rather bland piece of journalism.
  8. That bridge is far from nice and smooth. The guy deserves a medal for having the balls to go that fast across it.

    vanman - Yes, he was speeding, but not through a suburb. That stretch of road is a highway next to suburbia on one side (which was the opposite side he was riding on).

    While I agree that what he did was wrong, that headline is definately misleading. They mention nothing of a chase through Redcliffe, which definately would have been reported had it occured. And until he got to Redcliffe, I wouldn't classify any of the other roads as being in "the suburbs".
  9. Any bad publicity on motorbike riders in general is not good - especially if the media hype it up as they often do.

    BUT - in my opinion this dude is a loser and gives the rest of us the bad name. I hope under the new Anti-Hooning laws he has to go to Auction and bid on his bike to get it back - as well as a nice hefty fine and loss of license.

    We motorbike riders have a hard enough time educating the public without idiots like this fellow causing us more bad publicity

    What a wanker.....

    Cheers - Paul
  10. maybe they laid poor quality tarmac :bolt:
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong. Everywhere is divided up into geographical locations. In cities and surrounds, they are called suburbs. That street and bridge are contained within a certain postcode which represents a suburb. Pedantic? No, I don't think so. The debate was about a media beat-up. The headline of a suburban incident therefore, by definition, is accurate.
  12. I will admit, you have me on that one. However, the headline is still misleading.

    The use of the word "suburb" is done in such a way to imply that he was doing this past houses and such IMHO, when this was not the case. What this guy did was wrong, but the media have done their best to imply that it was much worse than it actually was.

    When you read the article, they say that he hit 220 on the bridge - there is no mention of such speeds being achieved anywhere else. Is there really a need to class a 2.74km bridge that stands over water as part of a suburb?
  13. I'm not suggesting that the media doesn't have a social responsibility to report accurately, and I'm not naiive enough to think for a minute that they aren't driven by profit-making and therefore use attention-grabbing headlines to sell their products.

    A selection from "The Advertiser" today......

    "Accused killer a flawless mum" - "Flawless" huh. In the opinion of the lawyer defending her, it's revealed in the article that follows. Sensationalist? I think so.
    "Fight: City stabbing horror" - "Horror"? Duh. Of course it would be, but writing "City stabbing routine event" kind of loses some reader impact.
    "Health Inquiry: Cockroaches Infest Hospital" - "Infest" huh? So one operating theatre had a cockroach in it and a disgruntled ex-employee decided that in his tenure of 16 years, one event consitutes an "infestation"? How about this one..."Cockroaches infest somebody's home"? Not really newsworthy huh.
    "Iron bar terror: Couple robbed in their driveway" - 2 people were robbed and had their car stolen. Certainly an attention grabber headline and actually factually representative of what occurred - but saying "Couple robbed and car stolen" just doesn't have the same impact.
    "Motorcycle Acident: Son died before tour of duty" - The war on terror is a bit topical, so lets report a motorcycle death in that light, rather than just reporting the facts that a guy had an unfortunate accident. Sensationalism I think.

    etc, etc, etc

    All attention grabbing and designed to make you read the article that follows. Not necessarily misleading at all, but using strong words that create graphic images in your mind to entice you to read the story.

    In the case of the headline in question "Fleeing biker clocks 220kmh through suburb", we have a fatual representation of what occurred and the headline invites you to read a bit further. Had they said "Motorcyclist speeds over bridge" perhaps you wouldn't be compelled to read the article. When I read that headline, I agree it's open to individual interpretation about what "suburb" means, but I don't see a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth. In the article, they clearly state that he was clocked up on the back wheel at 169kph on Deagon Deviation which has a 100kph limit and when they ended their pursuit, they clocked him at 220 on the bridge, a marked 60kph zone.

    Isn't the Sydney Harbour Bridge part of a suburb? If he were speeding over that, would it be misleading reporting to say he was speeding through a suburb, given the SHB's mailing address is commonly regarded as being in "The Rocks"??

    Whether it is in fact newsworthy is a totally seperate debate of course! :) I wonder if the OP would have been quite so outraged if it read "Fleeing car clocks 220kph through suburb"????
  14. How close is the road he was caught on to where the chase originated?

    It is a main road?
  15. He was caught maybe 10 k's or so from where he was doing the wheelie to where he got caught.

    It's a dual carraige way where he was doing the wheelie (a 100 zone), over a three lane tidal bridge where he was doing 220k's (a 60 zone) and then a four lane suburban street where he got caught.

    Hope he gets a whopping big fine.
  16. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  17. I'm being nicer than my husband - he hopes the bike gets confiscated and sold at auction, while the rider is in prison serving his sentence for reckless endangerment.

    There have been almost 70 motorcycle fatalities on Queensland roads this year. Why condone this sort of behaviour?
  18. That's great that your husband thinks he should be serving time. There are people out there, walking free, who have killed others with their vehicles.
    I'm not going to sit here and "hope he gets a whopping big fine", nor will I "have a great giggle" when I see a fellow rider get pulled over.
    And don't bring up fatalities, what, you want this guy to get a "whopping big fine" and your husband wants him in jail because you care about him?
  19. its easy to be critical but its even easier to loose your licsense for something that is pretty minor too.
    for example ,
    the other night i was travelling up the western highway at about 0130 am, no cars in front of me , no behind as far as the eye could see, when i came upon the road works area
    it drops from 80 to 60 , then out of nowhere it drops to 40 .
    anyway i slowed to 80 , as i said sparrow fart in the morning , freezing cold so i was doing 68 in the 60 part , then crossed into the 40 zone without even realising it .
    i was flashed from the trees , copper siting in the trees with a radar
    i looked at my speedo , dropped 8 k's and then saw the 40 sign .

    now thats 28k's over the limit , do i deserve a whopping great fine and imprisonment for endangering lives???

    the onus is on those who twist the throttle no doubt , but before people throw up statemnets like that , they better think carefully and ask them selves a simple question .
    have i ever speed??
    if yes then they should not speak.
  20. What behaviour?
    You mean the control of a motorcycle at high-speed that does NOT result in an accident?

    The government doesn't condone riding motorcycles to begin with - riding outside their rules is just 'worse'.

    Are those 70 at-fault motorcycle fatalities?
    ... and have we taken out anyone who was drunk or affected by drugs while riding when they crashed?

    And does your husband hope more people will run from the police because it's worth the chance to keep their vehicle - perhaps pushing themselves above their abilities out of fear and possibly forcing a high-speed accident?

    And is your husband happy to pay the $40,000/annum out of his own pocket to house this person in prison and feed them for not crashing, not causing injury and not causing any damage to anyone's property?