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idiots and onramps

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Quiet tootle to work this morning - easing down the on ramp for the Monash frwy to the red ramp light - all alone....
    Ease up to almost walking pace expecting the light to switch to green and then VROOSH!...Faaark!...Dic#head in a cage goes past me at about 120k's through the red light and clears me by about 2ft.
    SCARED THE CRAP OUTA ME!!! :shock: :shock:

    Of course...I caught him when it's time to merge with the traffic - he's now creeping along and trying to merge in, as I filter past and leave him for dust.

    I take a quick look in the drivers window, and the guy looks at me expectedly, like "Whaaa!"...so he knew what he did..bastard!, and did'nt give a crap about the fact that it would've given me a real scare.

    I fumed quietly all the way to work... :evil: :evil:

    First time THAT'S ever happened to me...I'll be ready for the next one. :twisted:
  2. Why does no one take my advice and invest in a melon launcher?
  3. handlebar mounted chain gun sounds good too (as per some post by Ktulu a while back :p)
  4. Yeesh! raven that sounds like a close one. Maybe you should now go an buy yourself a lottery ticket.
    I had a similar incident a few years ago, which resulted in me going past the d#*khead who nearly side swipe me and accidently knocking his drivers mirror clean off (well thats what i told the cop who came around my place later that day) Seems that this cage driver took my number down and reported me.
    I didnt get booked but had to pay for a new mirror.
    If it happens again dont do what i did unless you want to part with $120 or more.
  5. mmmm, melons

    Um, what was the question?
  6. *thinks about it for a second* .. nope, $120 sounds like a reasonable tradeoff ;)
  7. I failed to mention a bloody sore wrist for about two weeks.
    and i suppose when you think about it, I did feel better afterwards
    maybe it was worth it
  8. crush up some spark plugs... theyre ceramic and will shatter glass with minimal velocity required... :cool:
  9. A mirror is a small price to pay for the cager

    What he should have got was a face full of knuckles. :mad:
  10. lucky he didnt smack clip or just graze into you or you would have been history
    ahh the challanges of the freeway

    gun mounts check
    portable rocket launchers check
    extendible spikes check
    revolving number plate check
    0 to 100 in 2 sec check

    some niceitys for dealing with cagers
  11. Yikes@John

    Clearly the driver was in a hurry to get into the peak hour dawdle.

    The other ramp related idiocy is OFF ramp related dumb arse cager behaviour...

    I try to stay away from the left hand lane immediately adjacent an off ramp / exit from a freeway, just incase there's a dumbarse cager in the right or middle lane who decides they suddenly need that exit and makes a dive for it.

    I've almost been between such a diving cager and the exit while on two wheels... not nice!
  12. :rofl:
    I don't know why, but that statement was damn funny.
  13. Left out the "oil slick" generator. Oh hang on thats on the Aston Martin.... :p
  14. Welcome to my life! I leave the Monash at the FTG Rd offramp on my way home from work. It's an absolute sh1tfight there most nights!
  15. That must've scared the shit outta you.....kudos for not giving the wanker the bird/a blast on the way past.
  16. Man ive never had any idiots like that on the monash. Plenty on almost every other road in melb. Just not the monash thankfully.

    I was actually on the monash yesterday morning (bout 930) and from warrigal rd to where i exited on batman ave it was bumper to bumper! I literally lanesplit the entire way there. 40 minutes of riding and not once did the traffic flow enough to wararnt taking a space in a lane. Never had that before. Only clipped one truck too. :LOL: (twas a cattle truck and there was no way i was sitting behind it regardless of how tight the gap was!)
  17. dude thats pretty nasty. had a similiar thing happen to me heading westbound on the great western up here in sydney (for all you in the know, just after parra, set of lights or 2 before the 80 zone).

    stupidly i checked my mirrors, saw no "police" around and when the light hit green decided I would catch him at the next set of lights and give him a bit of what for.

    unknown to me, the ford futura, lpg powered car behind me was a cop car.

    so as I decide to start slowing down to the speed limit (by now im in the 80 zone so im no longer doing double or more the limit) the car behind me flicks on a small set of lights and a siren, and i shit myself.

    then he changes to the left lane and speeds past me and pulls over the dude that ran the light.

    my assumption is that he was a detective as he would have (financially) been better off pulling me over, but with only his speedo to prove otherwise he was safer going after the guy who was... uhhh... "first" in the wrong.

    i tend not to speed so much nowadays
  18. On hte way to Tues nite offee, I was coming down Boronia Road and was sitting in the left wheel track. I left a little room between me and hte car in front. I move only slightly to the right to see if i can filter through to the front and then the car that was behind me, floors it, just missing me on the left only to have to stop with me level with her drivers door.

    Well I certainly gave her the look, to which I received no acknowledgement at all even though she was looking at me.

    Then whilst coming home down Boronia Rd, it was marked 80 and as usualy I was sitting on at least 90. Decided that after speaking to Raven I should practice some high speed countersteering and being more aggressive at it than I normally am, so I'm weaving over my lane, etc, etc. I then notice this car come flying up on my right at speed, then stop right next to me. Whilst still doing 90, I look down and the cop in the car winds down his window and signals for me ot keep the bars level. After I nod at him, he winds up his window and they speed away.

  19. i vote for getting some of these imported ;)

  20. That's a fantastic idea - and they could just be stuck to my tank ready for use! Far better than all the road rage and mirror-hitting, and conveys the message perfectly.