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idiots and number plates

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. I used to think there was some clever ones when I was 13 but these days I mostly think people with worded number plates are wankers.

    Saw one this morning that made my laugh; "HOTURK".

    Now if there were 2 ts it could be Hot Turk.

    since however there is only one t, it must be either "Hot-urk" or "Ho-Turk".

    Given it was a you women driving I assume it was the later.

    It pays to advertise.
  2. I want 4 vehicles with the numberplates FAMINE, WAR, PESTILENCE and DEATH
    Either shortened Diva Gina or d Vagina
  4. The best I saw was:


    Imagine you saw that in a flash and had to recall it!
  5. I have a neighbour with "PIRATE" numberplates.
    One of these days I'm making up a sticker that reads "BUTT".

    Though the wost I've seen is still the "IMAZ3" plate on the back of a BMW Z3.
  6. Normally commondores with HSV in the number plate.

    Then again with the type of people that do this, Herpes Symplex Virus in a number plate is probably accurate.
  7. I saw a Saab with the number plate GUMNUT.

    I took a pic and sent it to a bloke I used to work with, coz he used to call me a "f***ing gumnut" anytime I stuffed up when I started there :p
  8. A friend of mine had the plate.. ORG 143.....which reads..orgy for three.
  9. "BAA-BAA" on a black Jeep; as in "Baa Baa Black Jeep ..."
    "TISSUES" on a Saab driven by a woman; as in "'TIS SUE'S"
    RIFLEMAN; one of Australia's champion target shooters
    MAAA8; as in "M-a-a-a-t-e"
  10. I saw a pulsar with GOATSE as the plate.
    Had a giggle that they were taking it past the realms of the net.
    If it was dusty I would have drawn something on the back window, but alas...
  11. There is a CT110 zomming around Sydney with the numberplate MAIL !

    Its funny when you see it, because the bike is beaten up but the numberplate is in pristine condition !
  12. There's a dick that drives around Kiama and environs in some big exec type car with the plate:


    What a wanker.
  13. A mate in Adelaide has 2 Monaros, its great when he has someone drving one and he drives the other...


    He's been pulled over by the cops questioning the two cars :grin:
  14. Every personalised plate can be translated easily: simply replace the text with the work "Wanker". Done! Except on bikes of course, then it's fine!

    There is one personalised plate that I like, KRPDM, can't remember what it was on, but I like it!

    Edit: Added more exclamation marks!!.!
  15. See this is what sh!ts me. This is so much of a stretch it's not even clever. It's just dumb.
  16. And 3 isn't an orgy it's a threesome.
  17. A Friend of mine had


    yet it took me ages to work out that the IV means 4. Duh!! :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Your friend is an idiot. He goes on my "slap on sight" list. As such you are obliged to smack him for me.
  19. I saw a herse that had the number plate STIFF.
  20. Or maybe the friend is just kinkeh and has a medical fetish and likes to play with intravenous drips?