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@#$%@#% Idiot!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueRex, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. I was Riding home just before the westgate bridge from the South Melbourne Market just before and it was fairly gusty so i was concentrating on the gusts of wind and other Cars when out of NO where this idiot comes roaring past on his rear wheel it scared the living crap out of me. What was he trying to prove doing that just behind me.

  2. He's just having a bit of fun. Thats what riding a bike is good for ya know. :p
    Admittedly if he did mono past you in the same lane then i can understand it probably spooked you, but if he was just having fun in your vacinity then you might want to exhale and get on with your day.
  3. Maybe he's got balls :grin:
    Maybe he wanted you to join his boy racer club and that is their salute :grin:
    Maybe it was a girl and she was truing to impress you :grin:

    Ethier way there is a safe way to do things and a stupid way to do things, they should've made sure that you saw them first :)
  4. If he/she had done it just after they had passed me i would have thought yeah that is impressive.

    But no i just heard this sound like a large backfire in my left ear and the next thing i saw this front tyre in the air flying past me.
    I think it is fairly inconsiderate.
  5. So was he in your lane?
    Did he fail to maintain a safe distance between yourself and him?
    Did he just scare you because you weren't expecting it?
    Did you check your mirrors in the 30 seconds prior to the event?

    I'd say pulling a mono right next to an L-plater is fringing on being a little thoughtless (legality of said actions aside). Unfortunately, most riders forget what it was like to be tootling around on a 250cc bike learning the ropes.
  6. you poor bugger, dont expect it to be the last time ;)
  7. in all honesty it took me by surprise and startled me that is the main reason i am pissed off, that and i wish my VTR 250 had that much balls :)
  8. Heh, you'll have your day soon enough. :wink:
    When that day comes, remember this day and be nice to all the little learners that you feel tempted to mono past.

    I'll still get a bit of a spook occasionally when another rider mono's past me unexpectedly, but have learnt that when you hear a bike spool up behind you - just keep your speed and direction constant and you'll be right.
  9. Pussy. Trade your vtr in for a cage ( a hatch back at that!)
  10. Time & place for everything. Popping mono's on the westgate with wind gusts is not one of them.
    I'm with you snowball, he was nothing more then a @#$%@#% Idiot
  11. It's the size of the 'balls' of the rider, not the size of the bike :wink:
  12. My sides are still hurting from laughter at reading this, Surely you have had far worse take you by supprise in your 32 yrs of life. Get on with ya riding and better your skills and then you too can do this.

    Go Hard or go Home :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  13. Well, as others have said, best thing to do in that situation is just take a deep breath, think "nice one brother" in your choice of ironic, sarcastic or direct meaning and just keep on truckin'.

    Still, it is a little inconsiderate, not to mention a tad risky, but hey, noone was hurt, he got his jollies and you got an adrenaline rush :)
  14. You are an idiot
  15. Yes i have experienced worse in my 32 years but i am always drive/ride differently around L plate drivers/riders as i know they are still learning the ropes.
  16. Oh, great - another one.

    Oh wait, it is school holidays isn't it.
  17. Just relax and satisfy yourself with the realisation that Darwin will catch up to these kids unless they get real lucky. I was once 18 and indescructible, but I kept my antics to the hill climbs and rallies. Had my offs, learned the hard way, and consider myself to be one lucky son-of-a-b*tch that I'm alive to tell the tale.

    I just hope beyond hope that when they strawberry jam themselves that noone else is hurt :)
  18. This thread is classic!

    I have been riding for about 6 months and I still get a shock when a mate or random rider pops a mono past you. I get impressed easily, so my respect for rider goes +1. Good shiat I say.
  19. heheh

    man i would have loved to have seen that. you sure it was a guy? i think i know someone who might be crazy enought to do that. heheh and it anit a guy.
  20. one word springs to mind.... diddums

    :p :rofl: