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Idiot White Vans

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. I'm now off the bike for a few days thanks to an idiot in a white van.

    I travelled in wiht my wife yesterday and since I was running late to meet her after work I decided to get a tram. Hooped on the tram at the top of Collins Street and one stop down a clown in a white van did a u-turn right in front of the tram. Of course this had to happen when I was trying to put money into the ticket machine and not holding on to anything!

    There was a loud bang and a sudden stop when the tram hit the van and I went flying down the tram. As a result I've got a bruised wrist, some abrasions on my arm and I'm off the bike for the weekend with a slight sprain on the right wrist!

    The driver recorded the details in case there's a problem - of course the only person even slightly injured was me!

    In future I'll stick to safer forms of transport - like motorcycles!:-s
  2. Man those trams are hard to see.
    That sucks dude, least you have your wife to stop you missing the use of your wrist for a little while.
  3. Gee, you'd think you'd be pretty safe in a tram!
  4. Remember folks: ATGATT means all the time.
  5. HAHA... *snap* :grin:
  6. If the tram tracks don't get you the bloody trams will.

    Glad its only minor Tony.
  7. On the way home from work? Regular route? make sure you let your work know.
  8. I think you'll find that work cover for trips to and from work is no longer applicable in Victoria and can be explained in two simple words; Jeff Kennett.
  9. You shouldn't lane split in a tram Tony, bad form!

    Good you're not too hurt, & at least your bike is ok.
  10. .... let me guess, he said, "I'm sorry mate, I didn't see you!".
  11. did someone say Compo :)
  12. I guess it goes to show how much it is up to us to keep ourselves safe on the roads, not relying on others to look out for us. If they couldn't see the the big tram what chance do they have at seeing a small motorcycle?

    Hope your wrist heals up quick TonyE!
  13. Now if I was in the US I could probably retire after that... :)

    Unfortunately it's almost cleared up (except for the bruise). I just found it amusing that on a day I don't ride in I get involved in a traffic incident...

  14. That's exactly what he did say to the driver too... ](*,)