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Idiot Slalom 2010

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Oh yes, my favourite time of year: Drunk twats crossing the street drunk as a skunk, wearing all black, and not looking to see if anyone's coming. Was a hell of a fun ride home tonight :rofl:

    Happy new year, all!


  2. Heh. I rode home from the city to Blackburn at 2am .. via back roads on the pushy. I probably saw about 20 cars.. (that were within 100 metres or so) and no cops. Trouble free ride home.. cept I seemed to be a little dizzy, was overly slow (in choice of route and by being overly cautious) and really wanted sleep Getting out of the city I went down City road and Gardiners creek.. no peds after the first klick. Stupid people until them.. but really where pushies are concerned all peds just jump out in front, you only think its bad on a motorcycle.... it could be much worse
  3. After spotting 2 drunks wandering down the middle of the road I switched to highbeam lit up another stumbleing around, then dodged a box of smashed stubbies 8-[
  4. im getting a visual of a scene from some kind of a zombie flick

    hordes of drunks shambling about, high beam and crazy amount of throttle :)

  5. Someone threw a full bag of ice off a 3 story balcony at me last night while I was walking past.. Grabbed a chunk, pegged it back at them and walked off. Gotta love new years!
  6. Fark me! What an a$$, hope your aim was better than his
  7. What a waste. The Humanity ......... :cry:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Riding the bike home wasnt much of an option early this morning....
  10. Could have sold that for a fortune!

    Too many laughs in just the one thread!
  11. Dude i was one of those trashbags! Alright well i had a white shirt on but yes was running across streets, asking the girl trying to get a cab to marry me then jumping in while she thought of an answer... hehe and yes all round shenanigans.

    Was an eventful new years and field day smaaaaaaashed it :D :D :D City was dead after though sooooo headed home bahaha