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Idiot riders...II

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Smitty, May 11, 2005.

  1. this one is not in the news ...yet!

    my stepdaughter turns up for dinner this evening...late
    seems a bloke on a Yamaha something (she thinks)
    decide to mono down Gipps St Collingwood tonite
    between the slowly moving traffic in the middle of peak hour (5.45pm)
    at around 80-90kmh
    and then the lights ahead changed..... :evil:
    the rider ended up under a car stopped at the lights
    and the bike (missed everything) while sliding across the intersection
    and got jammed under a parked car 60m down the road

    The Firies hosed down the the bike, the police and ambos got the rider
    into a MICA ambulance..concussion, definitely a broken leg
    and possibly arms as well....

    Is there something in the water..or what is it..???? the weather, a full moon?
  2. I have no idea what is going on!!! every where I look for the past two weeks riders have been coming off... at work two people come off today... no injury... and I got thrown from the Poste bike yesterday when a tree jumped at me!!
  3. ouch.. poor guy, but i guess he brought it on himself ey?

    edit -- haha damn trees jumping out on you
  4. Dude, did you ride straight into a tree?
  5. Bloody d1ckhead, he should be banned from m/bike riding for life.

    Now I'm gunna sit back, heat up some popcorn and wait for the first defence of this brainless act of darwinism (or the first troll, whichever comes first :wink: )

  6. You can't legislate

    You can't legislate against stupidity. No matter how hard you try, fools will be fools.
  7. Re: You can't legislate

    abso-bloody-lutely right

    hey, why haven't you joined OFARC?

  8. reply

    Probably some drongo from the Dockers showing off or bragging. We Collingwood ites will have our revenge. Beware.

    Sorry he got hurt though. The cops would have been enough punishment for the idiot. Still, by the time the cops get through with him, and the insurance company or repairer, he will have lerned his lesson.

    Stiff pal, next time don't do it there.

  9. That's it, I'm locking the Hornet up for the next 3 weeks until combinations of bikes, cops, death and pain are out of the news.
  10. i reckon hey loz. i'm waay freaked out about riding now. oh well not like i'm gonna stop cause some idiot nearly retired himself from this earth. sad that someone else had to deal with it though. :cry:
  11. i don't know why this is freaking people out, a guy makes a conscious decision to take a risk and pays for it. no big deal, aside from higher insurance costs for us and reinforcing a negative stereotype of riders.

    i doubt there is a significant increase in crashes lately, just an awful lot of reporting because of the nature of this forum.
  12. this sort of thing bothers me, but I suppose it's all a form of natural selection at work.
    Wouldn't be surprised if this bloke gets on again for a 2nd go when he's healed up too.
    Like watching the slowest gazzelle get mauled & eaten by a lion.

    Maybe those 1%-ers are more like 10%-ers.......
  13. its not 1% doing this , its sports bike riders .
    you dont see them mono hartleys down the road etc .
    its your average you joe with a big bike and a bit of grunt .

    he stuffed around, he came of , he will now pay the price.

    next time maybe he will learn , maybe not , but i am not going to get my knickers in a twist over it .

  14. Quick everyone, take a screenshot. Thats just obsurd Glen :p
    You not getting your knickers in a twist?!?!?!

    bwahahhahhahahahhaah, who needs the comedy festival :)
  15. That's a bit harsh - the tree has to bear part of the blame.... :LOL: :LOL:
  16. see vic , i am mellowing out in my old age :wink:
  17. SUFFER DOG! I hope that guy really does suffer. Might pull his head in a bit. There's a time and a place, and he chose neither wisely.

    The only sorrow I'm feeling is for those others that got caught in his path.
  18. I have the same impression. 2005, not a good year it seems. Too many nice weathers ?
  19. I'm usually one to defend certain acts like this but to do it in such a congested area is plain stupid, hence coming undone and under a car. At least doing wheelies on a hwy means you don't have pedestraians, traffic lights, U-turns etc etc. Even in my book, that guy was an idiot...now that's saying something!!
  20. Actually a modded harley doing a mono is reasonably impressive

    And what is this obsession with popcorn, doesn't anyone eat jaffas and choc tops anymore?