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Idiot Rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Was coming through the Dural Bunnings round-about today at roughly 11:30am.

    A motorcycle + rider exited Bunnings and turned right, heading towards Maccas, I went straight through also heading in the direction of Maccas.. Bike is behind me, truck is infront of me. I'm in the left hand part of the lane, and just as I'm getting into the right hand part of the lane, the bloody motorbike goes past me, IN THE ONE LANE with heavy traffic, I have to swerve as I was half merging onto the other part of my lane, the idiot doesn't nod, only wearing a light blue button up business type shirt and I didn't see what type of pants...

    Anyway, on a biggish bike, more of a tourer with panniers and top box...

    I am angry with the rider, but dismiss it.

    Go straight through the Maccas roundabout behind the idiotic rider, coming up to Quarry Road with Shell on the left, where there is a set of lights. This idiot runs a red light!!!

    I have the number plate too... Am I able to put that on here? This rider is dangerous and idiotic!!!

    Yeah good on you mate for passing a learner whilst there is heavy traffic... :jerk: I hope you drop that big bike of yours and cry like a baby
  2. Don't stress so much about it, your gonna have to get used to it there are a lot of idiots around. Putting his number plate up won't make any difference at all.
  3. Normally it is assumed a moving motorcycle has a rider on it. OR that a rider is on a motorcycle, in order to be a 'rider'.

    I thought because you specified bike + rider at the start, we were going to get an awesome "motorcycle [minus] rider..." twist to the story.

    ...had such high hopes :p

    Well, some red lights are safe to run, and some aren't. If he's running the dangerous ones it doesn't sound like he'll be a problem for long.

    Wonder what he bought from Bunnings, how it fit in his bike and if he's written a review of his panniers anywhere? :eek:
  4. Well I had to make the story interesting lol.. And the panniers looks good... And he probably bought a can of extra idiot mix... Down in bunnings area, there's also Repco, Auto Barn, and quite a few others including a scuba dive shop...
  5. Light blue shirt, big bike with panniers.........probably an unmarked cop bike :LOL:.
  6. I doubt it
  7. Haha. That would be right.

    I have a lot of respect for cops on bikes to be honest.
    They seriously need more protective gear on those things :?
  8. Too true. The thought of low-siding onto a loaded .38 is a scary thought too.
  9. Yep, sounds like a bit of a bonehead.
  10. Whew.. when i saw this thread title i thought someone must have seen me on the road to broke this morn... :-w
  11. They don't carry those anymore, they have 9mm Glocks these days. Scarier though because the safe is in the trigger.

  12. They still do in Victoria!

    S.A. too I think :)
  13. Yikes I hope not too many bike or cage operators have that opinion!
  14. There is a website where you can report foolish and dangerous behaviour in NSW, but I can't recall it. I surfed there once and read some things. Some people with multiple posts and obviously a few with gripes on one or two particular people in their street or locale.

    I'll do a google and see if I can find it again.

    ps - I checked my numbers and all was good. :wink:

    The one I referred to is www.ratetheplate.com.au and covers all states, not just NSW; and another (which has now closed down) is www.idiotdriver.com.au

    check out taxman on the rate the plate site, how would you like him as your next door neighbour?
  15. Ah don't worry about it , if you let things like that get you in a huff then you'll be a balding grey 40 year old nervous wreck by the time you're 30.
  16. I'd have a post count twice Hornets if i made a thread about every idiotic driver/rider i see on the roads.
  17. :LOL: I'm thinking there might be a few of us who check these threads hoping it wasn't us. I'm generally pretty sensible (subjectively speaking), but occasionally I muck up or get carried away. I agree though, that we need to remember especially that some L platers might be fine with us doing whatever, but others really are very new and wobbly and need to be given space.
  18. Well, I'm a confident rider, I am not that new or wobbly. It's just that it was bloody dangerous and there was no need for the rider to do that!

    Also, I was going into the right hand part of my lane, and if I hadn't seen them at the last second, we could have had a crash, and that's seriously not cool.

  19. This isn't all a big deal. So what someone ran a redlight, its not dangerous if you do it right. A motorcycle passing you in the same lane, isn't this one of those bike things we all do?

    The only bad thing is doing it to a learner because they are unpredictable and obivously freak out about the little things.
  20. ^^^ werd, not cool to freak people out on the road fullstop. but people get carried away,

    Just beleive in Karma, they will get theirs in the end.