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Idiot Rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cats, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. lmao be prepaired to cop flack on this post .... ive made similuar and ben shot down in flames

  2. Did you ask why if he was going 200kph they didn't they go after him??
  3. Why would they? Just radio it around and wait and see.

    I agree %100 that type of behaviour is for cockheads.
  4. Agree that's not on....in that environment...and certainly with no lights....

    Question...were you riding or driving??...I notice your bike is a track bike....

  5. check to see if ghostrider's come to australia?
  6. I don't mind if Dicks like that take themselves out. It's when they take out others that's when it sucks.
  7. Alochol and drugs (and often a mixture of the two) do funny things to people's brains.....
  8. theres new rules in place i believe on when the police can and cant pursue a vehicle - From my take on things, traffic infringements aint one of em.
  9. Shame because he'd probably listen to another rider telling him to take it easy and do that sh*t some other place some other time....

  10. Stupid people don't always have the "excuse" of being on drugs (which alcohol is a drug and included) for doing stupid things.
  11. Funny thing is that if that idiot had a car pull out in front of him some on here would bucket the car driver for killing the rider :roll:
  12. I agree, but I'm simply suggesting that 'normal' people behave like stupid people with the appropriate fuel.....
  13. Hey Adam,

    I guess you've also read some of the threads in here too;


    Just goes to show how sensible some riders are ....
  14. Couldn't find in the original post anything about drugs and alcohol. Was this just a random observation (such as "Blue and Green should not be seen") or do you have inside info about the case? :)
  15. :LOL: Whipcrack :LOL:
  16. no inside information, just many years of observing human behaviour, like I'm doing now......
  17. But how did you see him if he didn't have his lights on? :LOL:
  18. Maybe its that stupid people can behave like normal people when they are _not_ on the "appropriate fuel". I don't think alcohol changes character, just loosens it up a bit.
  19. :LOL: Whipcrack :LOL:
  20. I can't see the problem here? I thought everyone rode like that....are you jealous of his wheelie popping skills, or his lack of braincells?