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Idiot on Barwon Heads rd!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MYOMNOMS, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. G'day all,

    2 days ago I was riding to Torquay along Barwon Heads road, admittedly going between 5-10kph under the limit, being tailgated by some lady in an SUV. after about 2 minutes of tailgating, she then drove right by my right side, almost touching my rear end, forcing me to swing into the very poorly maintained bicycle lane at 90kph to let her pass before she ran me off the road herself.

    After this I pulled over and gave myself a few minutes to yell obscene words and otherwise collect myself before continuing on. Some people are just f*cking stupid! ](*,)

    Sorry, I just felt the need to share.

  2. Don't apologise bud, this is definitely the place to vent it out.
    More importantly, glad to hear you're okay. The amount of inconsiderate, stressed-out or plain crazy road users out there nowadays is alarming.
    You did well mate.
  3. not to mention the number who are uninsured and don't care less if they trowel you up 'cos they're not going to pay for your repairs anyway

    travel as if everyone is an idiot who's out to get you, and heave a sigh of relief every time you arrive safey......
  4. Thanks, it's good to know I'm learning the right way to deal with idiots on the road, not as easy when you only have 2 wheels!

    Oh, they'd be paying for the fix, but for fear of prosecution, I won't share how. (y)

    Luckily I have only encountered 3 drivers on the road in my time that actually behaved like retards towards me, although I'm sure this number will grow quite a bit!
  5. Sometimes it's best to pick when you want them to go past and give them space to do it as quick as you can if you're deliberately travelling below the limit for whatever reason.

    This thread is a bit of a reverse to the usual cars & trucks slowing bikes down threads we get on here.
  6. Normally I find a way to let people pass, but when the oncoming lane has traffic and i was a little while off a road I knew I could turn off into, I couldn't do much.

    I'm only a learner so I'm gradually building my speed up as I get better.
  7. Don't be afraid to wave a car through. This tends to make them pass properly, instead of trying to just 'sneak past you'. No gaurantees though. You'll eventually get somwhat used to this kind of shIt.
    But yeah, it's good to vent. And this is the right place for it.

    If it happens agaian, keep your eye on the ball and do what you can to maintain your own safety, and forget about horn blowing, or gestulating angrily ( not that you did), because it makes no difference to them, but DOES ruin your own safety.
    Vent here, not there. :)
    You did good! :)
  8. next time take the coast road! :)

    what I would say though is this - you were riding 5-10kmh under the speed limit according to your speedo, but bike speedos and especially learner bike speedos are notoriously inaccurate and tend to under read. Not to make an excuse for her bad driving but you could have been 15-20kmh under according to HER speedo. As the others have said - if you make the decision to let her pass then it's under your control. Position yourself to own the lane completely and make it impossible for her to barge past, or make a concious decision to clear the lane and let her past. either way you need to control the situation.
  9. Oh nah I account for that, although my speedo seems to be spot on under 100. But yeah, my speedo was reading 100kph at the time, so I would have been 5-10 under. And Yeah I probably should have sat more in the middle of my lane. it's a habit from driving a car that I sit over to the left.
  10. Thanks mate! good to know I did the right thing, or at least made my best attempt at it :D.

    I know what you mean about the horn doing sweet eff all though. Just 20 minutes ago I was riding up my street and my neighbour was backing out, I tooted but he didn't see me and he almost collected me. Bloody old fart but he gives me free passion fruit so it's okay haha.
  11. Oh...and yes...own your spot on the road, as many have said already. Ride in the centre or either wheel track depending on road type.
    Single lane - rh wheel track
    2 lane far left...rh wheel track.
    2 lane far right...then lh wheel track

    Riding the centre is ok for all situation, but be warned...cars allow rubbish on the road to pass under their car between the wheels...so if for instance there was a large piece of wood or iron bar, you won't see it until it appears out of no where from under the car and you are most likely to hit it, ruining your day.
    Be wary of riding the center lane behind cars unless you are a fair way back.
    Enough to see the obstacle and avoid it.
  12. That reminded me, If there is a cattle grate coming up stay well back from a vehicle in front. If the rails are loose they can be lifted up by a car crossing them and they'll hurt..
  13. Thanks, I'll make sure to remember that, I used to live on a farm that had a very dodgy cattle grate. One time It gave way on my dad's 4x4, Oh god that was funny.
  14. This might be a really dumb question but... how do you wave a car through? With your right hand? Pull in the clutch with the left and coast?

    JH (on L's for 1 month, still figuring things out)
  15. ride in the left of the lane, left indicator on and tap brakes. can take them a while to work out what your doing.