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Idiot of the month awards

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jenjams, May 4, 2006.

  1. Goes to me......
    I recently got a neck warmer. I put it on one morning, put my helmet on, got all comfortable and rode home...... Pulling up I realised I had forgotten to do up my helmet. Nice warm neck but....... IDIOT!

    Any other idiots out there?

  2. Nup ! you're the only one....... :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Yeah, I've done it! I try to have a pocedure when I get geared up, and I try not to deviate from it, so I don't forget little things like that.
    I have also added a check I do before I take off, I check helmet strap, gloves on and tight, in first gear, mirrors set up, headcheck.
    Of course, this is only first thing in teh morning/afternoon, not every time I move off!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. not as bad as me... I managed to pass my L's with the helmet undone... it turns out it is perfectly legal to ride with the helmet undone!!
  5. :wink: Hehe, I've ridden off without the helmet done up before... noticed when the strap kept whipping me in the neck. It's a pain to do a helmet up with winter gloves on! :roll:
  6. Mmm. Interesting gene pool. Poor bloody kid having parents like that. I love his quote "I would never endanger my child" after he has duct taped him/her to his bike for a ride, and in below freezing temperatures.
  7. Geez, what a moron. Cable ties are much better for holding things like that down!
  8. I think many people missed the subtle sentence at the end of his post
    "this is BS"
    The whole story sounded BS
  9. Got upt o the end of the street and round the corner thinking hey something is strange tonight, then it hit me i had forgotten to put on the helmet.

    Was a pretty awesome ride, you need to do these things occasionally it helps you remember that you are not perfect and it takes some of that invincible armour off that we all tend to wear a bit too much.
  10. Yeah I have done it before. I realised while riding, and semi-freaked out. I think I got distracted after putting my helmet on.

    As for that guy iin the US, kinda makes you wonder if everything on Jerry Springer is made up or not? I sure hope Australia doesn't become like that! :?
  11. i've done it once...was wondering what that wacking noise was on my helmet. got to the lights & realised....it was my chin strap!
  12. After 30yrs riding, I still (from time to time) put my bloody gloves on before my helmut...Then I can't do up the bloody strap! :mad: :LOL:
  13. You know, you can always take your gloves off so you can do your helmet strap up :wink: :p
  14. How about having a few too many drinks and realising how much the party sucks then riding home
  15. I know that..... its just the mere inconvenience of pulling the gloves on...then realising that I haven't put my helmut on, so its off with the gloves again, on with the helmut(& do it up ;) ) then on with the gloves again.
    I've done it soooooo many times i've lost count. You'd think you would learn :?
  16. Look at what he says further down the page what a dumb f%$#

    In answer to the thread I stll perodically forget to do up my strap :LOL: :LOL:

    Originally Posted by Vtec_Killer
    Say the duct tape did hold the kid down. What happens if he dumps the bike? Its snowing and the kid did not have a helmet on. Yeah that would have been real good.

    I've never dropped my bike. I would never put my child in danger. And for those of you knocking my job, don't laugh. I had a great job a few years back. I was working with computers in a decent environment and it all flipped. I was in jail for some shit I did at a car dealeer shit. That two weeks I was out of work, I got canned because they don't take employes with violent crimes in their background.

    Now I work at Bk. It's not the best but it's good hourly wage and if I make management I'll have benifits for my kid.

    My girl's pretty mad right now, she's been drinkin all day am I'm just kind chillin in the basement. She was crying all morning and being a biatch. Anyways, my mom has my kid and it's considered protective custody so I'm not that worried. Wost case they have her take custody of my son. Which isn't that bad. She didn't come pick him up because the bus doesn't run this direction untill 3pm. So she'd have to wait all that time at the bus stop.

    Anyways, I talked to my boy, he knows a lawyer that got him out of fleeing and evading charges over the summer. He said he'd hook it up. But I'm leaving Wednesday to go to Daytona beach and wild out. Can't wait.

    Originally Posted by Bigglesworth87
    I think you are a Moron. Seriously, you should be locked up so you dont hurt anyone else. I feel sorry for your girl because of her real wise decision to be with you.

    If Defiant were to make a come back, this would be the perfect place for him to do it!

    Why feel sorry for my girl? I've cheated on her twice and she still won't leave me. She's like a leech
  17. Stories like that make me feel much better about things. :LOL:

    It's knowing that no matter how bad the occasional morons we get here can be - the Yanks will always outdo them... :roll:
  18. The only stupid yanks on that site were the ones posting serious replies to his obviously "This is BS" post. Man what an Uber Troll. Well done...

    And yeah I hate putting my gloves on before helmet. Thats just annoying. Yeah and the strap whipping you in the neck Doh! and putting bike in gear with the stand down. Bloody Suzi :p