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idiot in wheelers hill victoria

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kara, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. hello all,

    dont know if this topic is going to be removed, but as i was out jogging this morning some idiot on a pocket rocket(250cc) (with a L plate) was racing around my suburb WITHOUT A HELMET...

    now i can understand the fun of riding..hey ive done over 10,000k/m in six months, but i wonder how much fun it would be to go sliding face first with no helmet

    anyway, if this was you and you are a netrider, you are a fool buddy who has no regard whatsoever for himself, his family or the biking community

    i hope you lose your licence before you kill, injure yourself or anyone else

    sorry all...but it really pissed me off

    sort of makes me wonder what the true accident/fatality rate would be with these idiots removed off the roads
  2. Why hope he loses his licence? People like this ride unlicenced, the rules are not mean to to constrain them, damn the man, always out to get them!
    Sooner these stupid things are legislated/enforced out of public areas the better in my opinion.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. by pocket rocket are you referring to the pocket bikes? they don't need L plates anyway.

    but they're a horrible annoyance those things, had the same thing with some wanker riding up and down our street this afternoon, while there were a half dozen 2 y.o. kids about. there's too many people who just f**k about with these as if they were bicycles.

    does anyone know what the legal standing on these is anyway? are they supposed to be private property use only?
  4. im pretty sure he's licenced cause i have seen him around, all geared up, doing the RIGHT thing

    i think he probably was having a moment of extreme stupidity
  5. sorry, no it was a 250cc jap bike...but quick and loud
  6. What I don't get with them is, boy, how much fun can it be if you have something decent to ride, and why not throw it in the boot and find a nice quiet industrial area?
    But I suppose when you're stoned/pissed, you shouldn't be driving the car eh? A minibike is O.K though :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. well in that case, he's a f**kn idiot.

    typhoon's right though, losing their licence doesn't stop these kind of idiots.
  8. Wheelers hill?

    Gromit... You've been sprung, You naughty naughty boy!! :LOL:
  9. hahah where abouts was this? it wouldnt happen to be a tri-colour cbr was it? :LOL:
  10. i'll have a punt matey......
    wheelers hill?!?

    psst- it is in the thread title ;)
  11. i meant what area of wheelers hill as i live there :p
  12. We have a lot of those tools in our area. Mainly high school boys that aren't old enough to have a learners anyway. Too old for pushies in their mind.
  13. Hay what part of Wheelers Hill you talking about?
  14. yes...red colors
  15. grandview road/garnett
  16. Thanks, iffracem... :evil: :p :LOL:
  17. Biiiiiig deeeeeeal. Live and let live.
  18. yeh what's wrong with you man, settle down.

    i couldn't exactly understand what you were saying (too many bongs?), but the sentence "i hope you lose your licence before you kill, injure yourself or anyone else" infers he is more likely to hurt someone without a helmet? wouldn't not wearing a helmet increase visibility and manoeuvrability resulting in less accidents?

    don't approve of the practice myself, but if he wants to take that risk why should we care
  19. this will be good at office-o'clock :LOL:
  20. im pretty sure i know who it was lol i will speak to his bro later on today
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