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Idiot in Hornsby

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hewy, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. So here I am sitting on my veranda sipping on some of the delicious golden fluid when I notice a GSXR riding by...

    This is no ordinary GSXR, it's rider is equipped with the latest in safety gear, shorts and a singlet. Oh and it looks like he has just done his Christmas shopping...

    Sitting IN FRONT of the rider is a bag... in the said bag is a boogie board! :shock:

    WTF? I have never seen anything quite as ridiculous before in all my life...

  2. You should have called the police and had them arrest that scoundrel.

  3. Obviously what he was intending to do was ride down to Manly beach at top speed then do a stoppie at the edge of the sand. As he gets flipped off the bike he'll grab the bag, pull the boogie board out in mid-air then land in the surf on his board. If he's calculated the angle of impact correctly (which of course he has, because this guy is clearly a genius), then the force of being thrown from the bike will enable him to skip like a stone over the waves. Once he loses enough momentum he can turn around and ride back in on the boogie board.
  4. How do you know there's a boogie board in that bag? Maybe he's just transporting drugs to Bali.

    If so, the soft, cushioning effect of Marijuana will provide him ample protection against gravel rash.
  5. You obviously haven't lived that long yet......... stick around you'll be surprised at what else you see........
  6. Damn you... You said it first :LOL:

    Squids, meh, who cares???
  7. How dare that boarder be trying to transport a motorcycle without his wetsuit and flippers on!

    That's basic gear people!
  8. lmao ktulu :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but really... what the????
    how silly can some riders be??? or maybe its just that i'm still relatively new and in a couple years i'll be squid with board down the street too....
    ( fark no!!!!) don't feel safe without my gear on....
  9. I don't get the whole no jacket thing.

    I was moving my bike from the pits to the lanes at Willowbank Raceway yesterday, doing about twenty k's with no jacket, gloves or helmet on. It was bloody cold and windy. I couldn't think to go no jacket on the road. Shopping requires a cage, simple as that.


    Do you mean the Anti-Squidding Unit?
  11. [​IMG]

    You thought you were allowed to wear, do, or say what wish freely? You were wrong...dead wrong...

    Lets ROLL!!
  12. What is it with you safety nazis!? :shock: Jeeze, a wetsuit! :roll: It's Sydney not victoria, the chances of hypothermia are pretty slim don't you think? I rash vest would do the job. :wink:

    Mind you, if he's been topless then I'd say he's an idiot. Sunburn's one thing but board rash sucks big time. :cool: :LOL:
  13. Hey, I can't watch tv, do the dishes, shave and shower or get to sleep without my full leathers on :LOL:
  14. here is another picture of what its like trying to ride and hiding your bogie board at the same time!!

    ITS NOT EASY!!!!!!
  15. Aren't ALL the people in Hornsby idiots??? :LOL:
  16. If he comes off, he just slides down the road on the board :wink: