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Idiot in a kia.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mikey213, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Was just riding through safety beach... Under the bridge and by the beach... And out of nowhere a kia just does a u turn from the other side of the road without indicating, and with barely a car length infront of me.. Had to e brake quite hard.. Or i would of been pumped into the side of his car door. He winds down his window and im like what the **** are you doing?? Theres no ****ing room you almost collected me. Hes like smidsy... Im like bullshit. So i got his plate number

    And reported him to the rye police. I wish i had a camera.. The cop said thats rediculous and idiotic of him, and will be paying him a vvisit.

  2. If it makes you feel better believing the cops will go and talk to hime, then I'll leave it at that.
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  3. Yeah, good luck with that, getting the Po Po to take our side rather than the cager's. "Biker must have been accelerating too hard and came out of nowhere" etc...
  4. My immediate reaction is similar to the first reply... did you go to the po po all wound up? Sounds like the copper was simply calming you down so you'd get out of his hair. Don't expect much from that encounter, just be content that your e-brake and reaction time was up to scratch.
  5. better you going to the police with a number on paper bout him then him with a black eye and no teeth about you !! Glad you're ok..
  6. I wasn't wound up when i talked to the cop, and he was an older cop.. so i believe he will pay him a visit, took my details and said what the guy did was idiotic and at least you aren't hurt.

    i was doing the speed limit, and the car was in the wrong.. and on the way home there was an random breath test set up in the same spot.. with the cop i talked to and 2 others (coincidence?).. so i can only assume he was actually going to pay the person a visit.

    either way, e-braking it does work.
  7. Glad you are OK. Yes the Police were trying to calm the situation that is one of their roles but that does not mean they will not speak to the driver concerned. The rules on U turns are that you must give way to all other vehicles and pedestrians.

    They are unable to charge him though because it is a you said they said situation without independent witnesses. So they will speak to the driver and sometimes that is enough of a wakeup call once the anger of the immediate incident has abated.
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  8. there was other cars.. but i'm not fussed if he doesn't follow it up (id like to be optimistic that he will) .. if i got knocked off my bike, it would of been a different story.. you don't just do a u turn in the middle of the road when you don't have the room and distance..

  9. Sounds like you avoided him pretty narrowly. This is one of the things I hate about some drivers... they generally have no idea.

    Off to make my own rant thread.

    - boingk
  10. Mikey - same thing happened to me mate a few weeks back with no witnesses. So I bought a GoPro and don't go anywhere without it now.

    Glad to hear you're ok though mate - that's the main thing!
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  11. A cop killed a rider doing a u turn because she was more concerned about muffins and she was let off, Do you really believe they will do anything about this?
  12. i guess its too much to ask a cop to do their job then hey? as i said in another post.. i'm not fussed if the cop doesn't do anything.. and i doubt he did but hey it was worth a shot.. i should of kicked the guys door in.

    but then i would be in trouble.. so its not worth it.

    just pointing out the stupidity of drivers and their "Cages"
  13. Never let your guard down!
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  14. Its a nightmare situation, really.

    In my experience most SMIDSY's are actually SMIDL's - "Sorry Mate, I Didn't Look".

    When I'm riding along streets with parked cars, I'm looking at the angle of the front wheels, looking for movement in mirrors, any sign that a car is occupied or about to move off - indicator or not.

    It works, up to a point, but you can't spot everything, and at some point you just have to hope that the time you miss it, you can stop in time or you can swerve around them (and hope to whatever god you believe in they don't panic and freeze in the spot you need to go through).
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  15. What is going on lately...?
    Yes the guy did a u-turn. Why?, because he's a fukwit, and either did'nt look or did'nt see you...who cares. It changes nothing.
    You braked, missed him, and should be thankful that YOU were riding smart.
    That's it...it's over.

    But then you wanna take his number, go to the police, and seem to expect they will do something...
    I've seen this same reaction in other threads also, lately.

    If you're going to rush off to the cops every time some idiot does something dangerous to you, then I'd ask for a pad of incident report forms, and your own interview room at the copshop.

    Can't everyone just be satisfied that they avoided the idiots, be proud of yourselves, and ride off, with a satisfied smile!?

    And just in case....obviously, if some driver makes a purposeful move to injure you knowingly, you need to report them, and they need a visit from the cops, but for all the fwits out there just doing dumbass stuff...let it go, and just be on your way, if you avoided any damage.
  16. Isn't this the same guy who destroyed a car tail light with his knee?
    Too many near misses and close scrapes for my liking.
    Seriously you may need to re-assess your riding style.
  17. Idiot...

    in a Kia...

    but you repeat yourself 8-[

    (with apologies to Mark Twain)