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Idiot forgets where the retainer clip goes (,11 cbr250r)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by coxc, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. http://s10.postimage.org/3ks0mdoy1/idiot_1.jpg

    I just sold my cbr250, and promised to replace the rear pads. I need to figure this out tonight, I've looked at various guides and videos, but could find none that pertain to this design.

    This retaining clip? seems to have no where to go.

    All was going swell until I noticed I never payed attention to it's placement.

    Any help would be very much apprieciated, I cannot find much information on where it goes exactly ( I assume its somehow pull the pads off the disk a bit when not in use?)
  2. its the shim that sits on top of the pads to stop them rattling around in the calliper.
  3. Well it doesnt seem to fit the new pads, and the brake has no ridges or anything to hold it in, it just falls out, or wont allow the pads in high enough to let the brake sit correctly. is the 'short' side of the shim the side that goes the non piston side? (I don't think it's for the pistion side, or it'd stop the piston pushing the pad across as it wears.

    Thanks for the advice, I'm sure with a few more hours of swearing at it, it'll figure itself out.
  4. The shim(retaining clip) was stopping the pads from fitting (brake would not go back in place, I left it out, and it went fine, I'll need to get a new shim I guess, what are the problems that arrise with not using a shim? The pads seem to be sitting right, and the brakes work, but I haven't ridden it yet.

    Went for a quick ride, brakes seems fine, even without bedding in there is decent force there, no odd noises. pads seems to stay in place, even after letting it lock up.
  5. dont hand the bike over too the new owner untill its sorted
  6. Of course not, i'm not a dick. I'm just trying to figure out what needs sorting.

    Brakes work fine, but with the retaining clip in place (above the pads, the only place it could possibly go, the new pads wont go in far enough to allow the brake to be put back in place. I can't locate a service manual for the newer CBR250s, I guess I'll just hope a new clip solves the problem (not that there seems any problem)
  7. did you compress the pistons before you removed the old shoes? glad your not a dick
  8. Yes, then used a g clamp to bring the piston all the way back.

    Am I correct in asuming the clip ( see picture) is meant to sit in the depression in the brake housing (above where the pads sit) with the short side on the left (non moving pad).
    I'll have to check for a replacement clip (although these ones don't seem to do anything.)Maybe this one is worn.

    Is it likely to cause an issue, the brakes seem completely fine, or will that change with bedding in?

    I'm guessing the clip is damaged, lost it's spring. Or that is doesn't work with the aftermarket pads.
  9. i suggest you take it in to a shop and get it sorted wont cost much
  10. Yes, the spring fits into the cavity in the calliper directly above the brake pads. If you look closely, you will see that inside the cavity there is a raised ridge that is off-centre. The circled part in this picture is designed to fit onto that ridge and provide outward pressure to hold the spring in place.


    To refit the spring, orientate it so that the circled section lines up with the ridge and then press it into place.

    Hope this helps.
  11. Huh ? I think I must be reading that wrong ?

    The depression that is circled is for the center pin to slide through. with the thin side sitting on the fixed pad, and that little lip sits over the top of the pad to help locate itself
    .. You have to put downward pressure on this part to line up the pin and slide it through .. thus putting pressure on both pads to stop the squealing etc
  12. Just did a quick search this is a different caliper but you can see the positioning of the similar system .

    Attached Files:

  13. Thanks for the replys, I'll get a new one, as mine wont fit correctly in either position.

    Either way I'll fix it, or let the new owner know of the problem, as he no doubt will be taking it in for a service (straight from the Ls test). Depends if he wants to wait an extra day for the bike.
  14. Hey Bob - As you said, it's a different calliper. The spring on the calliper in your picture serves the same purpose but is secured differently. The OP will probably find something like it if he looks at his front brake.

    coxc - Just so we're on the same page:
    The arrows point to the two ridges.
  15. Yeah, I assume mine lost its shape, the pads were worn when I rode from Newcastle to Canberra in torrential rain, my foot was so numb I rode the rear brake for about 2ks, cooking the pads, luckily the disc is fine.

    CMC has none, so I'll let the buyer know, he was going to buy it without rear brakes, poor fellow (I had to tell him what questions he should be asking me).

    I've bedded in the brakes, and I'd be very suprised if they slipped. But I'll tell him to get a new clip when he has it serviced.

    Exactly the same design there Jack.

    Once agian, thanks greatly for the advice. I thought I was doing it wrong for a bit, nearly put me off doing my own maintenance, clearences on the f650 are next, after I replace both tyres and pads.

    I also need to figure out how to set up DC sockets on the GS, doubt it'll be as easy as the CBR.