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Idiot Driver Australia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by azure, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Got cut off? Tail gaiter bugging you?

    Why not list them up on here ...


    Interesting site! ... found it through a cycling forum ...


  2. wow... thats my rego, i am number 1 idiot on the road, maybe i need to change my number plates :LOL:

    ps. that was only a joke, i am actually no. 2 on that list :p
  3. fantastic! I can see how many cars I p* off now. To date - none. (only 1 bike mentioned to date - are you 'df093'?)
  4. I don't think that site's going to be much of a deterant. All the idiot drivers I knew thought a canary (unroadworthy vehicle) was a badge of honour on their cars, and would probably take pride in being listed there.

    I might start writing down the license plates of cop cars which speed for no apparant reason and start listing them there :D
  5. Lol sounds fun!

    But what if you just bought a car off of an idiot driver (presuming this site doesnt fizzle) and everyone then thinks that his infringements are your errors.... Are websites like this really worth it?

    About the cops tho,

    I ahte how they can mount external radars on their cars that sit further past the rear-view mirrors, they can have shit on their dash even tho thats illegal, and they now have big ass TV screens and junk that operates while they are driving, yet no vehicle i own could get away with that stuff....

    I feel its all part of the Governments Anti-fun laws. If you enjoy it, then they're gonna outlaw it...
  6. i bet you it is a kwack sold at floyd parkes kawasaki, i know because my plate is the next in line, glad it wasnt me, but i am surprised i am not on there myself
  7. pity bicycles don't have number plates :LOL:

    what a stupid idea for a site. harold scruby have anything to do with it? :roll: