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Idiot cager driving at night without lights!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by loubre, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Coming home from work last night, dark unlit section of industrial estate (street lights as usual not bloody working), go to turn left and out of nowhere a brown commodore without lights appears, only doing about 10kph but I went down, :arghh: couple of minor scratches to the bike, engine bar did it's job well and no damage to me but mongrel kept going and didn't stop, of course no chance of getting a rego number but still reported it to the plod, not that much will happen there :facepalm: If I find the prick though I may not be responsible for my actions! :whistle:

  2. That sucks mate.

    I am always amazed how many cars I see driving at night in Sydney with no light on.

    It should be instant cancellation of licence if they're that stupid!
  3. Oh , mate , sorry to hear that - glad that you're ok and minimal damage to bike ! See it all the time here in Adelaide too , you flash your lights at them and they look at you with blank expressions like they're thinking " what's his problem " . . .
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  4. Shit, that reminds me. Just found out the driver's side headlight is out on my cage due to water leakage after several months of disuse. Gotta replace it before I drive it again at night... some time next year. Thanks for reminding me :)
  5. It's not the driver's fault, he also has to turn the radio on!
  6. Probably rooks on way to or from a crime?
  7. It doesn't surprise me. Well actually if it's very dark then yes it does surprise me.

    I've driven a short distance at night with the lights off. However, in my defence, it was well light the dash lights were on.

    Now, for old people like me the fact the dash lights are on would normally indicate that at least the side/parking lights are on. But no, on the newer Subaru's the dash lights come on automatically without having the lights turned on.
  8. I see so many cars driving around with out headlights on, i guess the streets are often very well lit and headlights do little to make it any brighter, but jesus christ i dont know how getting into a car when it is dark does not make you automatically turn on the headlights just out of habit i mean shit are these people new to the concept of darkness.

    One time on the bike i was being followed across the bridge and up the warringah expressway by a red p in a hatchback with no lights. When we both came to the lights at the exit we both took, it took me like 5 mins of waving my hands around, pointing at the front of his car and yelling at it to turn on the lights. fcuking moron, stupid kid is obviously from the electric window generation because he had no fcuking clue what the roll down the windows hand signal meant.

    I agree, instant 1 month suspension and then mandatory retaking of driving test for not having lights on and being unable to prove you were less then 50 meters from where you set off, just to be reasonable.
  9. Sorry you went down. Hope you are feeling okay today.

    Did you go down because it gave you a fright or was he on your side of the road as well?
  10. I think I see in average about 2 cars with no lights (that is really no outside lights at all) per week driving in the complere dark.
    There is SOO many more with only parking lights, broken lights, sometimes only one parking light on.

    Not that I've ever owned a car, but don't many newish cars have the automatic-light position?

    As Aly said: What made you go down in the end? You were turning left, where was he that it made you come off?
  11. The thing is, even if a street is well light, these numpties are driving around without the ability to see their dash - how the feck do they know their fuel level/speed/temps?

    Then there are the twats that drive around with just parking lights on because the dash lights up and they assume their headlights are on.
  12. I wonder if this is why I seem to see more cars without lights on at night.

    The last few loaner cars I've driven have dashboards that light up independently of the head/side lights.

  13. That's unreal - that actually encourages people to not check their headlights when driving in low light situations!

    My BMW cage had the auto setting, but it was permanently left to "ON" - I prefer to drive with headlights on 24/7.
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  14. Sorry to read this! I drive home from work every night and without fail I will see at least one car without lights. Have even seen a large truck and a council bus without headlights after 8pm. How come they dont realise their lights are off?
  15. cos they're moron's ! Can't speak for the truck/bus but with a lot of modern cars the instrument lights come on without even having to switch the lights on (as b12mick commented) . So on a well lit road it is possible not to realise . Not that I'm defending it - it should be something that you just automatically do .
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  16. My wife's 2010 Subaru doesn't need to have the lights on for the dash to light up, there must be some sort of sensor thingy (or it's magic).
  17. In Alla 'Prings it seems to be a case of high beams or no beams from the "locals".
    The streets are not well lit and the cars are not new.
    Sorry to hear about the off anyway.
  18. It's not just cars. Here in Brunsawick we've got a fad for "ninja" cyclists. It's apparently the fashionable thing in moron circles to ride a bicycle at night, all black clothes and no lights or reflectors (and no helmet of course). I thought it was just the occasional idiot but apparently it's deliberate.

    Still, with any luck there might be a few Darwin Awards come out of it.
  19. when I was a kid, that was pretty standard behaviour for most push bike riders. We certainly didn't wear a helmet.

  20. Also curious, you went down, but didn't actually run into him... ?