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Idiot bike rider in disabled parking spot

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TRA, May 6, 2010.

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  1. What a wanker. I was nearly going to go push his bike over. Saw the moron in the shops. If he keeps up that behavior he will be needing a disabled parking permit.

    For those who cant be bothered reading the whole thread, I didn't push the bike over, nor was I ever going to. I said it because thats what I felt like doing, however I had no intention of actually doing. And whats the difference between beating someone up as opposed to pushing over a bike?

    Why does it piss me off so much?? Because I have a relative with cerbral palsy who cannot walk, and I know what its like to unload a person into wheelchair in a standard parking space. Whilst we have permits to park there, I rarely do, because its even harder for someone who has to put themselves into a wheel chair.

  2. any parking inspectors in the place?
  3. You can get disabled parking stickers for bikes as well, maybe he had a condition that doesn't allow him to walk far.

    Did he have a permit?
  4. Too true VC. That's one of the worst things about non-obvious disabilities - the judgemental assumptions that people make.
  5. where was it?
  6. FYI people can have forms of disabilities that make a disability permit permissible while not being bad enough to prevent them from riding. Cardio / respiratory illness can be enough to make walking difficult but riding / driving is still fine because you are mostly relaxed.
    I know someone in this boat. She looks fine but will be huffing and puffing and ready to feint due to lack of oxygen after a short walk.
  7. if they were abusing the parking space then they deserve to be dobbed on. Epileptics are entitled to disabled parking, yet by looking at some one with this condition you wouldn't know.
  8. My friends Dad had someone who was unhappy with him because he parked his shiny new Porsche 911 in a disabled spot.

    Obviously didn't care to ask him how his back is after he was in a helicopter that was shot down, and how his ankles are after they went through the firewall of a car during a fatal car crash that killed his friend who was driving at the time.
  9. Just goes to show never judge a book by it's cover.
  10. ...so you made an assumption and you were nearly going to push his bike over because of it???

    how about next time if you feel so strongly about it, you man up and ask the question? I don't like people parking in them either IF they are not disabled but unless you either see a disabled permit or you ask how are you going to know?

    I would suggest that pushing over somebodies bike will have you requiring said permit very quickly..., if somebody steals your car park do you vandalise their car too?

    ...now who's the wanker:roll:
  11. If they're that bad they shouldn't be driving.

    Disabled parking is supposed to be for those who have trouble walking large distances or need wider spaces to get in & out of the car.

    To ride a bike properly/safely you need both legs and arms working properly so one wonders if you qualify for disabled parking if you should be on a bike.
  12. ahhh..not necessarily.

  13. hopefully they bring in coloured disabled spots soon......ie leaving wider bays for wheelchairs/walkers.....and as far as we go they could put a few wheelchair spot further away from doors if need be, but the width is certainly required
  14. bullshit!!!
  15. I know a one armed guy that rides a bike, so I am well aware of disabled bike riders. I aso have a disabled person in the family, so I am well aware of these situation. This idiot had no sticker, no permit and I saw him walking about. There was nothing wrong with him.
  16. so what ? if more then one is available why not, better to park at the front in front of everyone then you bike getting stolen.
  17. My local shops have got two disabled spots in front of the grog shop. People park in them all the time. And yes they don't have a permit on the screen.
  18. +1 bamm bamm
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