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Idiot at CSS (PI) on Friday - rant.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by SHEPPO, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. California SUperbike School 02/04/10.

    To the bloke on the gixxer who thought he was special,

    When the instructors say "no brakes", it doesn't mean you should dive bomb it down the inside of turns (i witnessed it at turns 1, 4 and 10) to pass people, in the process cutting them off whilst they are doing the drill set out for that session.

    I witnessed you do it to several people, including myself in a couple of sessions, and it was downright stupid, rude, and dangerous. You also managed to almost take my mate out in the process thru turn 1. There were others in the group who weren't compitent track day riders, others on cruisers, and new'ish riders, who were all there to learn how to ride safer/better/etc by doing what the instructors told them too.

    Sure some of us are faster than others. I was quicker than 90% of the group too, but i passed in the more relaxed areas like straights and the open sweepers, leaving the others to concerntrate on their cornering (you do know the school is about teaching cornering?). I did all this whilst still following the instructions given, and so did all the other faster guys.

    School days are to learn, not go out and proove who's faster. Congratulations on being a quick rider, but i think you missed the point of each drill when you neglected to follow the simple instructions given.

    End of rant.
  2. You should have pointed him to the instructors for a bit of attitude adjustment.

    Posting here probably won't result in him receiving the message.
  3. So what did the instructors do about him?
  4. i didn't see any instructors do anything, but that doesn't mean nothing was done. they were pretty good about pulling people back into line throughout the day.

    the rider in question was lucky not to get an attitude adjustment from my mate, that i can tell you! he was so worked up by it he wanted to smash the bloke. dangerously passing thru turn one at phillip island is something reserved for racers. an off at those speeds would result in serious damage to body and bike!

    i'm not too fussed if he gets the messege or not, it was simple me having a rant, dummy spit, etc, hahaha. i'm good now.
  5. Seriously, if you see someone do that, complain. Steve and the team take it extremely seriously.
  6. There's always a knob around when you don't want one Sheppo...Your mate or someone should have had words...nothing wrong with setting a guy straight.
    Glad you got it off your chest. hehe...
  7. Sad that he ****ed the day for some others.

    I can imagine the guys at CSS would have appreciated hearing about this guy throughout the day. One of the things I like hearing about the course is how devoid it is of that kind of attitude.