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idiodotic things cagers do???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by qbnspeedfreak, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Today i seen by far the stupidest thing i have ever seen a cager do.

    Driving between jobs today i hear this tat tat tat tat tat coming from behind my, when i look around i see this asian (no offence intended here guys and girls) fighting with there steering wheel in his camary, it was shaking violently.

    I slowed down cos i needed to get into his lane and what do i see? the front left hand tyre on his car is completey flat and coming off the rim, i tried to flag the idiot down, but he just kept on going at 80 not slowing down at all

    what else have people seen out there?
  2. I remember following a car in NT out of Alice that was so loaded with passengers that you couldnt see anything past their rear window. They were swerving back and forth having trouble staying on the tar & also inconsistent with their speed often excelerating then backing off really quick. I figured whoever was driving must of been drunk & it was safer to take the risk to overtake rather than sit behind. Was a little surprised when I overtook to see a 6 or 8 year old boy at the wheel was bouncing up and down to try and see over the steering wheel :LOL:
  3. thats priceless, should be feaured in a soap.

    i dont think anyone here can top that story.
  4. n-chicks post went up when i was typing mine [i hate it when that happens!]

    n-chick reminded me of one.

    there was a news story ages ago about a 3yr old boy who was banned from his PS2 games for being naughty.

    he got in the family car instead and went for a drive.

  5. haha classic
  6. Thats an absolute pissa LOL :LOL:
    :rofl: at asian :driver:
  7. Not noticing a flat tyre is definately a worry. Scariest thing I've seen was an old 4wd on the Western Highway towing a trailer loaded with a cement mixer and numerous bags of cement. There was so much weight on the towbar that the front suspension was completely unloaded - so much so that I actually saw the front wheels leave the ground a couple of times. Even scarier was the fact he was overtaking me (and everyone else) - doing about 130 in the wet.
    With water restrictions now in full swing I've also seen a few scary examples of people carting 1,000L water containers in vehicles or trailers not designed for that amount of weight - and driving as they would any other day (ie. fast) :roll:.
  8. Driving to Ballarat a few Fridays ago the car beside & myself (with family on board) had to stop on the freeway between Melton & the marsh when we were confronted with the remains of two bicycles blocking the freeway.

    Luckily only a bike carrier had detached from the back of another car (not a crash as such) but the car in questions was no where to be seen and I had to get out and move the bikes before some hit them and did some serious damage to themselves.
  9. I Hobart a few years ago, a bloke veered into my lane from the opposite direction whilst driving with his bonnet up! Worse than that, he wasn't even looking out the side window to get a better view :shock:
  10. A cabbie at 5am, obviously completely tired from the night's shift, not able to stay in a lane, sort of drifitng around the around, in a cab that by the sounds of it had a well rooted gearbox, drift off for a sec and not turn in a bend and only saves himself and his passenger from going up a driveway and hitting an f*ing huge gum tree by swerving, clipping the rear wheels on the gutter and ending up spinning round pointed the wrong way down the road...

    I was in the passenger seat :shock:
  11. canberra taxis for ya
  12. I'd venture that any car with a "baby on board" tag on the rear window because that indicates that the driver's brain is in the glovebox!

    Oh . . . and any car parked upside-down:
  13. Northern Highway between Heathcote & Kilmore after dark ute towing a ute with no lights! gets better the ute with no lights was towing a boat & trailer also with no lights!
  14. Perisher car park - getting close to 5pm - a real snow storm going on - experienced for the first time what a "whiteout" is like.

    White Barina (the model that was a rebadged Suzuki Swift) comes past, front tyres spinning like crazy, snow chains fixed to the rear tyres ....

    We ran to the side of the road and desperately tried to wave them down - the two bimbos in the car looked at us like we were serial killers and sped on past .....

    My car was stuck in the car park (well no one told me that the hand brake cable could freeze ..... :oops: ) for the night, and it was probably a good thing ....

    Overnight the NRMA had managed to get my car down to Jindabyne. When I went to pick it up from the depot in Jindabyne - their depot was full of smashed up cars - many with evidence of having rolled onto their roofs ..... the guys at the depot said it was the biggest night they could recall for pulling damaged vehicles off the roads - in one incident alone at Perisher, 12 cars had smashed into each other and pushed each other off the roads .....

    felt a lot better that my car was shuttled down the mountain on the back of a truck when the ice had melted, and that my companions and I took the ski tube and a taxi back to Jindabyne that night :cool:
  15. WTF :shock: