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Identity stolen??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tim^, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Got a demand letter in the mail today from an insurance co asking me to pay close on $2000 for an accident .. only prob is .. I never had an accident, and my bike has never been near the area they said it happened (Dandenong, Vic) ..

    They (insurance co) have my full name, address, bike make and rego!!

    Any suggestions how to handle this much appreciated.

  2. Yeah ring em up and say WTF?!?
  3. Yep, called them today, and was told they would look into it..

    was just wondering if anyone else had been there done that .. and how did it all work out??
  4. tim,

    my heart sinks for you. identity theft, if that is the case, is serious and not easy to resolve.

    if i were you i would check all the loans made in your name just to rule it out. if nothing sus is going on [down payment for boat] then its easy to resolve.

    when my crash happened the cops took the wrong plate number down, all the corrosponding info came with it automatically. it was fixed up very quickly by the cops.

    that might be all it is. a crash happened, the cop took down one wrong number in the plate, it went to rta, all YOUR information came thru and there you are.

    cheers :cool:
  5. Start with a proof of delivery registered letter with a stat dec that says you weren't the person in question. Make several witnessed copies.

    Phone calls wont cut it.
  6. + 1 to what Rob said...

    If it is a case of identity theft, it will be something very hard to prove...
    Written form is the best way of communicating in such incidences so that you always have "proof", whereas verbal - you have nothing...

    There are many variables in this scenario so i think the best bet is to wait until the insurance co. gets back to you and take a course of action from there...

    Also as Rob said, get a stat dec and go from there...
    All the best and keep us updated...

  7. Straight away see if you can get your credit history checked.
    I'm sure there are services that can do it.

    Better to find out asap and report it if someone is racking up bad debts with your details.
  8. Yep there is - If you wait a couple of weeks its free, otherwise its $30 from memory..

    Go to: www.mycreditreport.com.au
  9. FFS all it is as Stump said they got your rego by mistake got your details from vicroads and chased you up.
    It's mistaken identity from a wrongly written rego plate.

    Tinfoil hats are this way------->
  10. Agree with Smee - someone stacked and a witness got the plate wrong [which by coincidence, matches yours].

    At worst and most evil: someone cloned your plate and put it on their bike; but you'd think you'd find out through speed camera fines or something, rather than a stack.

    Deny involvement in writing. Say they have the wrong number plate. Stat dec if you like.

    Your shiny, non-scratched and stuffed bike is excellent proof it wasn't involved in an accident. Perhaps enclose a photo of it, in pristine condition.
  11. Tim,

    Wow, that must have been a surprise.

    Look on the birght side. At least you know some1 who can legally witness a Stat Dec. :LOL:
  12. Well that's the hope isn't it. Mistaken identity. If it is, then a request for the police report or insurance brief describing the accident should clear it all up in a jiffy... if the accident report describes the same bike and colour what then?

    So if we take your FFS post at FFS face value, what should the OP do next FFS?? :LOL: ;)

    +1 2loo's photo idea - if required to make your case. I know, ask them to send the insurance assessor around.
  13. The OP would go FFS WTF?
  14. LOL... but then what?

    Silence is acquiessence. The insurance company will escalate until they get deterred or the money they're after.

    "FFS WTF" doesn't get the issue off the OP's back.
  15. That be you? If so, I need to you sign something for me tonight at coffee!! :LOL:

    Not a stat dec, just a 'certified signature' which is the same thing isn't it? ;)
  16. Nope. :cool:
  17. Dunno I've run out of anagrams :LOL:
  18. "Can I buy a vowel?" - Danny DeVito
  19. Well...crap...why'd YOU have to go move away then? :p
  20. Crisis averted!!

    Thats all it was...

    Thanks all for all yr idea's & suggestions. Will keep them in mind if needed in the future.