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Identify this bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waggy84, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Hi, im just trying to identify this bike. It's a honda but im after model and approximate year. It was my fathers first bike who unfortunately died doing what he loved, riding back in 1992 on a yamaha fz750


  2. now with a picture lol
  3. Honda CB250 T by the look of it.
  4. 1973 cb350

    That's my random guess anyways :)
  5. the early 70s cbs were spoked I'm pretty sure
  6. thanks for the replies, i've found some pics and it looks like it's a cb250t like pwbike said and by the colour scheme i think it's late 70's
  7. CB250T (almost identical to the 400) aka Hawk. Around and including '79. CB250N was the next model in '80 or '81. I've got an idea the Hawk was the first model of that bike to get more than two valves a cylinder, balance shafts and possibly the Comstar wheels.
  8. motor bike

    and a VB commodore
  9. Late 70's for those wheels, 1978 might be when that model was released.
  10. HAha , i had a cb250 was a red 79 model, That looks a tad earlier for some reason . i blew up the 250 and put a 400cc engine in

    Was shit loads of fun gearing it down , Back wheel stunt machine with no where near enough braking power, but fun . I even got pulled over on it ,Never got picked


    could be the limited limited angle of photography ,but yup it i think my hawk had a slightly different looking motor and the tank looked slightly more of a teardrop shape. Good eye wayned , I do not remember a kickstarter -but i mainly had the 400 in the bike

    front bracket/motor mount is still the same
  11. It was named a "Hawk" in Australia.
  12. Probably because all our dreams were wet in the 70's.
  13. Yup definitely a CB250T, a mate of mine had one (mine was a K not a T though which shows my age).