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identify my bike !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 87crisis, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. i'd mentioned it previously....stating that the compliance plate on my bike says it was manufactured in 2/85 ...and that it's sposedly a ex250a

    now it share's nothing with older ninjas/gpx's/zzr's in my general but limited experience....but after having brief words with my mechanic when getting a front tyre changed over and saying to him that the compliance plate has to be BS because they supposedly didn't come into production until 1988....where as he was sure as shit that they made a couple of these models previous to then...

    so i figured i'd put this out to the older bastards on netrider...who may have actually been around and old enough to be riding/involved in bikes back in those days (or are just ****ing bike nerds and know their shit.)

    for those that didn't see it previously...a picture -
  2. Two things wrong with that compliance plate:
    a) '85 is definitely too early to be a ZXR, and your mechanic is right about them not being introduced until 1988. Kawasaki was a bit slow in joining the 4 cylinder 250 game.
    b) The EX250 series I believe started with the EX250C (or GPZ 250) in 83-84. Prior to this was the ER250B. The 4-cylinder Ninjas all had a ZXR250 model code. Doesn't appear to be any references anywhere to an EX250A in the book I have listing every Kawasaki model ever made, and nothing on Japanese websites either.

    Sounds very much like either a fake compliance plate, or something lifted off a different bike and used on an illegal import.
  3. or a lazy guy at the import place? lol i told the mechanic they weren't in production prior to 88 from all info i could find where as he told me they made a few models previous to that....

    either way it's registered as such in the rta database...kinda raises the question though will i have issues with insuring it if they happen to check into the fact that the bike wasn't in production then.
  4. Not with four cylinders. The ZXR250 was the first 4-cylinder 250 for Kawasaki (the last of the "big four" to release one), and was developed alongside the ZXR750 released in '88/89
  5. to my knowledge there isn't a vin plate and only a compliance plate? perhaps i'm not looking hard enough but rego papers state the same shit as compliance plate being ex250c010203

    ah with engine number zx250ae012731

    and the rego states the model as a zxr289A
  6. Which is the frame number for one of these:
  7. So what have you got yourself into with this one crisis...
  8. i saw one of those in Gosford a couple of months back, same blue/white colour scheme.

    i remember it because i was intrigued by the vacuum cleaner tubing coming from the tank :)

    didnt shed much light... but hey
  9. Compliance plate should have VIN (if you have one) or frame number stamped on it and the number on plate should match frame number on the bike. Well, at least mine does.

    Yours may have been built before VINs became the standard.
  10. lol would love to make a comment about how i won't have to worry about spending half my time repairing it like the shitheaps you bother with....but just getting back from the transferring the rego into my name and the speedo's gone...shouldn't be suprised either by age or sheer luck that this is the second time i've had my front tyre changed at my mechanics and the speedo cable has gone kaput not long after

    as for what i've got myself in for? i'm not too bothered - i dont intend on insuring it apart from green slip obviously and third party property...so the messed up plates on it aren't a issue, i would like to hammer down what specific year/model it is though in regards to sourcing parts....and also give my mechanic an earfull for thinking he knows more than a umpteen thousand strong posse' of netrider bike nerds....will be having words with them before they go fitting any 1985 bike parts to it...as you can all tell that's a zxr...not the hideous thing jd posted above...

    BUT....such is life...and my ms's will give me an earfull about it for a good time to come "you just had to have that bike didn't you...you couldn't wait could you...now what're you gonna do huh?" ...of course my answer will be ride the ****ing thing. i like abit of mystery in my life....it doesn't get much better than this
  11. it would've been this bike...dude lives near ryde but i'd say he used to live in east gosford judging by what the rego papers said address wise.
  12. Just be sure to get parts for an 88-91 ZXR-250 or ZX250A1 or A2. After '91 it became the ZX250B, and some parts may not be the same (bodywork and suspension are different for a start). Engine would have changed slightly in '94, since that's when all the Jap 250s were cut back to 40hp.

    Also be careful not to confuse it with the ZXR-250R, which was a limited production road-legal racer (different carbs, CDI, gear ratios and suspension).
  13. As a quick off topic, if the speedo cables shit itself twice just after youre mechanic changes the tyre, theres a chance someone is fitting the cable incorrectly..
  14. nah....one was the zzr and the second was on the zxr
  15. the speedo cable needs to be oiled to last ,same as clutch cable,throttle cable any cable on a motor bike ,,
  16. Bit technical for here mate.
  17. Even more likely .. 2 tyres 2 bikes and 2 speedo cables.. Its easy enough to do it right but its just as easy to do it wrong..