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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Can we have just a little more identification in the sidebars, new posters, and some old? I appreciate some people's desire for security, if not anonimity on the 'Net, but it would give us a better idea of who we are talking to if we had a bit more than a name and the number of posts.
    Maybe just age, and type of bike, and if location is also sensitive info, just state, not suburb??
    Just cos Vic's got an obviously specious age AND A CAR on his ID, doesn't make him an example to follow :p (Just kidding Vic, love your work) :)

  2. My age will always be 86. HUGE Maxwell Smart fan :)

    You should hear my ring tone :p

    It's up to everyone here to tell us what features they want to see/not see.
  3. A first name somewhere on the left ?
  4. Much less work for people to place it in their SIG file :)
  5. I do like the idea of first name somwere... makes things a bit odd at coffee nite...

    Hi I'm lord and this is Mouth and that is Koma....

    not to mention peole with numbers in their usernames...
  6. "Sorry about that, chief!" I hadn't made a Maxwell Smart connection to your age!
  7. Names and aliases

    Yeah, I do like the idea of a name as well the screen alias, preferably in the sig, but perhaps like some do, at the bottom of a post. I can remember most of the people who went to Merimbula by their alias, but only one or two by name, and it's the name we use in all normal conversation.
    (Some might want to keep name confidential, that's OK, isn't it SOBIL?)
  8. Here here! Another connoisseur.
    Except for the nude bomb......

    A women's section? :roll:
  9. nil_orally wrote

    Trouble maker :LOL: :LOL:

    vic wrote

    I picture you more of a larabee :shock: .

    And my name is David .
  10. I picture him more as Fang! (Just kidding Vic, but someone was going to say it, so I did)
  11. I picture him more as Hymee the Robot!
  12. Ok i'll say it . Shave that goatee and it would be like babrbra felden looking in the mirror :LOL:
  13. Which part?
  14. My name is brian and so is my wifes :p
  15. So, is she "The Wife of Brian"???????

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  16. hhahahahahhaha youse biatches are silly :)

    Larabee?!?!?! Hymie?!?!?!?!?!

    No one mentioned the Craw, You mean the Claw, no the craw you idiot :)
  17. I picture Vic more as Agent 13, always hiding in a rubbish bins, locker, post box etc ...... as we only ever see him once or twice a year :p

  18. Favourite Get Smart dialogue

    Max: Agent 43 died, 99, isn't that sad??
    99: Yes, but you're worth two 43s, 86!
  19. Actually,

    Vic, wouldn't Zigfreid be more your style, KAOS, and all that? :shock:
    (Zis is KAOS, ve ask ze qvestions.......)
  20. I have added my name to my sig, actions speak louder than words!