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Identification Tags

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Matchstick01, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, found this site mentioning that i have to wear an identity tag or dog tag under my race suit.


    bout 1/3 down, point 5 it is.

    I can only find one other site even mentioning an id tag, an couldn't see anything on these forumns. Does anyone here know if i need one, or whether its a recomended thing, or a straight out i don't need one?

  2. Are you in Liverpool, Australia, or Liverpool, the UK? There's more than one Liverpool in the world ya know :)
  3. Liverpool, Sydney mate
  4. So you're thinking of racing in the UK??

    Try the MA site G suggested...
  5. hell yeah, and i'll be ripping everyone with my lil 250, lol
  6. The ID tag is recommended so that in case a rider is in a bad accident and unconcious, the details on the tag will give the emergency people information regarding the rider, like name, contact phone, blood type and any allergies.

    I think this is a good idea and has its merit.
  7. I've got a dog tag i wear everyday, bought it after once i started riding and got a key dude to engrave my name, ICE contact number, and i've just got to get off my arse and find out my blood type so i can engrave that part.
  8. MattyB, go donate blood. That's how I found out mine, AND did a good deed at the same time :) But I continued donating... :)
  9. Yeah although I don't even know if they can tell you. :)
    You se I donate with my fiancee and on her card it says that she is O+
    But both her parents are A+, and isn't it some kinda rule that you have one of your parents blood types? Oh well i guess the only explaination is that she is adopted. :)
  10. I concurr.
    I've seen a number of soldiers with their blood group tattooed on them ICE.
  11. in car racing we have the info embroidered on the race suit waist band.
  12. Thanks heaps guys, i think imma go out and get one. It does sound like a good idea :)

  13. I think dogtags are a great idea.

    my travel insurance came with a dog tag (http://www.dogtag.co.uk), which had my name, insurance number and details of how to get on to the insurance companies website... on that was loads of info - next of kin, blood type, medication, allergies, doctor's details etc. meaning that any hospital anywhere in the world would be able to access information easily - removing some of the medical emegency guess work!

    Actually maybe that's an idea... a netrider dogtag for bikies which leads medics to a webpage which has the bikers vital info!!! I know I'd buy one!
  14. LPCIII, like I said, i didnt know my blood type till i donated blood the first time and few weeks later they sent me a card with all the details. Like your fiancee, i too am 0+ but then so is my dad. I don't know what happened in her case heh but I hope they got mine right! ;)
  15. I haven't noticed blank dogtags on sale anywhere, but I've not been looking for them especially. Where do you get them?

    I've seen "SOS" bracelets/necklace things on sale at chemists, though - I think they've got a bit of paper inside for you to write contact details and medical info on.

    Been thinking about getting one (or a dogtag if I see one anywhere). It may seem a bit morbid, but it's a pretty sensible idea.
  16. I've been seeing them around, the US army style ones, but wouldn't have a clue where.

    Yea makes perfect sense having that info on you.
  17. In regards to tattoo's, "Do Not Resuscitate" is often found tattooed on the chest of those in the medical profession, I guess they have seen many a fubar state patient and know better than to end up like that.
  18. Vic market has them, the little jewellery store on the east edge near where the spanish band play.
  19. ok... so...

    I ordered some dogtags from dogtagsonline.com/dogtagscirect.com (same company) and they arrived the other day. Cost of the tags were $6.99 (for 2 tags, 2 chains, 2 silencers) and shipping was about a $ (all US$).

    you get 5 lines of text and can have whatever you want on them... I went for what was on my previous tag:

    Surname, First name
    next of kin
    NOK telephone number
    citizenship (obviously because I'm not an aussie yet and the brit embassy would need to be informed if anything untoward happened, and also because i still travel abroad a lot!)

    very impressed with the tags - cheap and good quality - good customer service as well.

    they do specialise in custome/special orders - maybe if a group of you got together they'd do you some kind of discount!?!?!?!

    Edit: added pic