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ideas on promoting motor cycle clubs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. i have recently started an motor cycle club in coffs harbour it has been running for three months and we still only have 8 members,any suggetsions would be appreciated,we have held some great rides and i have met some great people and i would love the group to grow

  2. I think you need a big sign.
  3. free sex-on-bike every new membership?
  4. re free sex

    free sex with a sandwich board for every new member
  5. Ha ha. She does look very pleased with herself. :LOL:
  6. You could sponsor a GP bike.
  7. Why ?
  8. sex with a sandwich board whilst riding a bike aha
  9. I know it sounds kinda silly & obvious..................

    But why don't ya do a letterbox drop or something along those lines?
  10. I'd go with a sporting event. Preferably a blood sport - that always attracts a crowd.

    Here's the plan. Get two ex-board members (I know, the club is pretty new so this might be tricky) and have a bareknuckle night. Like Fight Club, but you need some wheezy old buggers because you really need to drag it out over...oh, 3 or 4 years.

    Or give them an axe each and have a grinding competition.

    There's a club in Victoria using this strategy and reliable sources say that membership is growing - seems like a guaranteed winner to me.
  11. yeah thats a good idea chubz but it takes man hours that i dont normally have
  12. Seriously, why not make up cards and stick 'em on parked bikes around the place?
  13. well loz thats a great idea,wish i gad tgought of it,ill do that,thanks
  14. Yeah, or at bike shops, start organising a monthly ride with the guys from local bike shop, bike mechs etc

    Offer to take noobs on a noob ride once a month if the bike shop chucks in membership for each bike sold - everyone wins, they are offering a bonus (membership) and a service (noob rides), you get members and ever increasing exposure.

    Mail box drop wont be effective for you unless every 2nd house is a riders. I would be going where riders go, cafes they all stop at on favourite runs?
  15. there are only three bike shops here in coffs jimmy but ill try thanks mate
  16. Is it an incorporated club?

    I havent gone to the yahoo page (cant be stuffed) those yahoo websites are a pain to navigate
  17. Promotional Cards/Stickers and put them on every bike you see
  18. you can backup your phpmyadmin mysql database to a tar or zip asuming you have full access moving should be NO problem.. now the problem with some STUPID hosts is their service are unreliable, therefore backup the database times out after xx secconds.

    anyway mark i sent you a PM, didnt really want to plug my hosting here just incase it against some forum rule.
  19. Most of the freebies have it disabled so your stuck with them.
    Theres no FTP access and the admin center has backups disabled.
    A case of you get what you pay for.

    If you setup phpBB yourself in a webspace then you will have access, but theres few free servers which are suitable.
    Dosnt cost that much for a cheap host, but someone still has to pay for that.