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Ideas for weekend ride south of Syndey

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by nzmike, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Since it's going to be a nice weekend, gf is away visiting rellies and I have nowt else to do I thought I'd head off tomorrow for a full weekend ride. I live in the Lower North Shore in Sydney but want to do a two day ride to the south as I've done the many rides to the North quite a bit recently. (i.e: Old Pacific Highway, Wisemans Ferry, Peats Ridge, Thunderbolts Way, etc.)

    So far my plan is to head for MCAS at Carringbah (to buy some new boots) then will probably head through the Royal National Park and down Grand Pacific Drive, ending up at Thirroul.

    So where to next is what I'm wanting suggestions for.

    Obviously I'm after nice biking roads and minimal freeways or toll roads and maybe a nice bit of scenery here and there (maybe Belmore Falls/Kangaroo Valley?) and a nice town for the night. Happy to do around 300-400km each day and looking for a loop that will end up back in Sydney. Don't care where it goes as long as the roads are good, the traffic is light and there is something to look at!

    So if anyone has ideas for roads and places to visit/eat/slump into bed I'd love to hear them!!
  2. Bermagui/Tathra and Snowy Mountains Hwy.
  3. Thanks Lilley - will get google maps fired up and check out those routes.
  4. - From Kangaroo valley back out to Nowra.
    - Turn right just after the Nowra bridge and follow Braidwood road all the way to Braidwood (also known as the Turpentine way).
    - Beware there is 16 kms of reasonable dirt road have done this a couple of time with no trouble, great road.
    - From Braidwood head toward batemans bay on the Kings way really nice twisty road and maybe stay at the Neligan pub 20 odd k before Batemans Bay.
    - The next day i would head back to Braidwood then to Goulburn.
    - From goulburn to Oberon via the Goulburn-Taralga-Oberon Road.
    - From Oberon get onto Duckmans road which will bring you out to the great western highway.
    - At Mount Victoria turn left onto Darling Causway to Bell.
    - Turn right onto the Bells Line of Road and follow all the way Home.
    - I normall turn of at bottom of the mountain just before Richmond to Freemans Reach
    - This comes out at Mcgraths hill turn left and head toward Cattai Ridge Road and home
    - I like this way home as its pretty well all country till you come out at hornsby

  5. What lilley said, but make a pass via the robbo pie shop and kangaroo valley.
  6. If you do as Lilley suggest and take in the Snowy Mountain Hwy, I suggest checking the road conditions first - it does snow up there at this time of year.
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  7. Awesome - thanks Scott!!

    I have a guide to Australian rides which also says be really wary of the Snowy road in the winter.... looks like an excellent road though so will definitely do it some time. Luckily my Beemer has heated hand grips so no problems with cold hands for me. =D