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Ideas for Vic high country ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by funky, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just after some ideas on where to go for an upcoming 3 day ride. I intend to stay at Bright for 2 nights, and intend to travel via this route

    That accounts for a few hours, and was wondering what roads I should be exploring as far afield as Omeo (already done the GAR a few times) and Jindabyne and in between. Was thinking up to 800km per day, with Bright the start and finish point on the 2nd day, wirh Bright the start point and Melbourne finish point on 3rd day, Any help would be most welcome.

  2. The Awesome loop.

    The section from Omeo to Anglers Rest is joyful twistys and the section up on The Bogong High Plains Rd is open and sweeping. Sealed the whole way.
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  3. That map makes my willy tingle. Im gonna store that for future use.
  4. yes you must go do this loop. especially to anglers rest. its a great spot, great food at that place where they make food too..

    i want to go there.
  5. That's great course as it is. You might also consider doing the early part via Kinglake West-Strath Creek, either by the Whittlesea way or the Kinglake one. But they're all good.

    The Kinglake-Flowerdale-Strath Creek bit is a favourite stretch of mine (then North on the short, twisty stretch to the main road between Seymour and Yea).
  6. Into NSW?
    Tawonga to Kiewa, Granya gap, Murray River Road to Tintaldra, Tooma rd to Cabramurra and around to Jindabyne. Then back via Thredbo, Corryong and Tallangatta.

    Huge day, so you'd need to be fit.
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  7. they are all fantastic roads. I'm actually riding the Murray River Rd from Albury to Jingellic this Sunday. Then up to Tumbarumba, before heading home via roads yet to be determined.
  8. Look out for the snakes sunning themselves on the road at the moment. The one I hit last week is probably still pretty ticked off.
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    +1. Very nice roads
  10. Thanks for the great feedback guys, especially Chris and Titus. Think I may do Chris' "Awesome Loop" before heading back to Melbourne the last day, And the ride Titus suggested the 2nd day (close to 800km!). Bum will be sore from the riding, but should be good. Thanks guys.
  11. No worries, Come back and tell the tale of your trip when you get back. :)
  12. Been up there a few times now , including last easter weekend with fellow netrider..

    did the loop of awesome twice in two days !

    Wahoo ..

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  13. A lot drier than when we were up there earlier this year Stu

  14. Consider it done, just hope the weather is ok
  15. Thanks for this, I am looking at doing a loop of Victoria next month and this gives me a great starting point.
  16. Hi funky,

    I too can vouch for the 'Awesome Loop'. Did that last October and since then I seem to always froth up at the mouth at the mere mention of it :D

    Have fun mate.
  17. Question for the loop of awesome peeps, which direction do you prefer? Clockwise or anti?

    Have never done the anglers/falls half and would like to know which way to aim for should I get up there as it warms up and only have time for a once around.

  18. Been clockwise and anti clockwise but stopped at Omeo over night on one of those trips so its difficult to say. No real preference, both ways is twisty, open, twisty, open twisty in turn.
  19. Re: Ideas for Vic high country ride Now with report

    Went on my ride last week, and left for Bright on Wednesday lunch time straight after work., and going by this route. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?sadd...src=0&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=10&via=1,2,3&t=m&z=10
    All fairly uneventful, and on roads most you will know I guess. The only realpoint of interest here was that the road from Mansfield to Whitfield had been resurfaced since I last did it, and as I found out, in some parts it is a low grip surface. There is also the High Country Targa coming up on November 4 to 6, and I feel sections of this new surface will be ripped up badly afterwards. Also, although I did not encounter any police, on previous trips I have encountered speed cameras in the straight sections the other side of Whitfield.
    So on the first day all I did was travel to Bright (395km with detours), as I was stuffed after a 3:30am start that day.

    Day 2 was an early start, in order to do the loop suggested by Titus, and was via this route http://maps.google.com.au/maps?sadd...src=0&mra=dpe&mrsp=6&sz=10&via=2,4,6&t=m&z=10

    This was a long day, but on enjoyable roads with great weather. Highlight for me was the road from Bright to Tawonga, the Granya Gap road, and the road from there to Walwa. The road to Walwa has great views along the Murray and is quick and flowing, whereas the other 2 roads are better for a bit of a 'scratch'.

    The road up to Cubrumaurra winds its way through Kosciuszko National Park, and is relatively narrow but deserted. I must admit I didn't like the flow of this road, but I am a bit of a woose and another group seemed to be having a ball through there. I did however, enjoy it at a more relaxed pace.

    From Cubramurra through the Thredbo to road is a bit more open, but still lots to keep it enjoyable. Thredbo through to Khancoban the road gets narrow and twisty again, with just stupid speed limits (60 in stretches) to attempt to keep people in check. On the down hill sections you get lots of warning when you are catching a car, as the stench of their brakes is a give away. Once again all good roads and great scenery.

    Khancoban back to Bright was a bit more open and a bit more tedious, but not too bad. I turned off near Shelley having got a bit bored, in order to find my was back to Walwa and along the river road. About 10km in though and the road turned to dirt, so I woosed out and turned around, but the road was fun til then. 840km travelled on Day 2.

    Day 3 I did the the Awesome Loop as suggested by cjvfr, but with a different ending. Probably not the best of days for it really, as I encountered fog and slippery roads halfway up Hotham, but that cleared on entry to the town. From there to Omeo the weather was clear and the roads were open, so enjoyed that. Then the return run via Falls Creek and a tighter road much of the way. Must admit I prefer faster flowing roads, but this was fun, at least until the fog and slippery roads again about 10km out of Falls Creek.

    From Falls Creek to Mount Beauty I found more enjoyable, and would have been even better going uphill here. From there I didnt come back via the Tawonga Gap road, opting instead to head home via the Happy Valley road to Myrtleford, which again is open and flowing, but with some fun tighter bits in the middle. From there is was back home via the boredom of the Hume, in order to beat the rain.


    Thanks again to all that replied to this topic, especially Titus and cjvfr for their ideas, much appreciated.

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  20. Awesome pics there. (y)