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Idea's for starting a bike

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by smidsy, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Hei Guys,
    A mate has a Husquvarna TE510 which has not run for severeal years - but it is in good condition and has been stored and maintained properly.

    Now we need to get it running, but we both have bad knees and can't kick start it.
    We tried using a pit bike to roll start it but the difference in tyre size means the tyres won't mesh and grip properly.

    Anyone got cheap ideas on how we can get this started - he wants to sell the bike so we just to start it, get it warm to change the oil and then run it again to get the conbwebs off it.
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    Push start or roll start ..

    Having ensured that the preconditions for being able to start exist ...fuel, spark, power for ECU etc
  3. is the battery charged? if it's completely dead a push/roll might not get it going.

    i once rolled my cbr 1.7km down hill and the bastard still wouldn't start at the bottom.
  4. Get your missus to show you how..

    surely you have another mate you could borrow for 30 secounds in exhange for a brew
  5. Put just a little oil in the bore before you give it too much of a workout. It will be dry from sitting for that time and running it up like that will do it no good. It only needs to last until the oil splashes up so a quick squirt of WD40 around the edge of the piston would be enough. Also dump and replace the fuel and make sure the carbie and tank are clean as any fuel left in it will be no good and could well have gummed everything up. As mentioned, make sure the battery is fully charged as well.
    Once all that is done it shouldn't take much to roll start it.
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  6. Similar to above

    BUT remove plug, squirt WD40, wind over by hand a few times to circulate oil and WD40. Then change plug for a new one and repeat what OP says.

    OR get a mate with legs that work to come kick it in the guts :ROFLMAO: .

    My Old Ducati has a kick start too (as well as an electric foot).

    Method is to wind #1 cylinder past top dead with ignition off, then kick #2 with ignition on ;) , works 99% of the time when the electric foot stops :ROFLMAO: .
  7. Fuel is a lubricant as well. I would just dump the oil, take the plug out and slowly turn it over a few times. Pull the battery and charge it up on trickle.
    Put a new plug in, replace the oil with new stuff, fit the charged battery and get ya mate to push, If your both slack clutch it with the d-comp.
    If a husky isn't starting I would be looking at the valve clearance.