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Ideas for Motorcycle tattoos? [Serious]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fa1c0n, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. #1 Fa1c0n, Oct 29, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2013
    I am looking for motorcycle tattoos...
    I am mad passionate about motorcycling, it's kinda who I am.
    I would like a tattoo to portray something motorcycle related.

    - No "Live to ride" tattoos
    - No tattoos dedicated to brand names
    - Nothing that cannot be covered without pants/short sleeve shirts
    - Serious posts only... I'm look at you guys, you know who you are....
  2. C'mon are you serious ? Wave a red flag in front of a bull and expect not to get gored, oh ok then.
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  3. I was hoping people would respect the [serious] tag....
  4. Good luck with that mate, I can't help, don't like tats, on me that is, came across a nice one on a girls arse once, but that's another story.
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  5. Are you after something more image/picture or text/message oriented? Or not sure yet?
  6. Some fairly interesting mechanical gears type stuff out there, but this isn't specifically motorcycles as such.

    You ride a cruiser/muscle type bike, do you want the tatt to reflect this to the point of excluding sports bikes, or not fussed?

    Just trying to help flesh out an idea of what you're after :)
  7. That's the thing - I am still looking for ideas.
    At the moment looking at a few sayings, but I've also thought of getting engines tattooed or other stuff.

    Like I said though - Just genuine recommendations. :p
    Nothing too corny or stereotypical, different is good.
  8. sons of anarchy logo. bejazzle the fuck out of the rockers.
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  9. Tires on each of your butt cheeks. Gives a new meaning to chicken strips.
  10. get a stylized schematic. hands and face only.
  11. Scott Redding has a pretty cool one I have not seen a good full shot of it though, it does incorporate a sprocket which looks sweet
  12. I hate you guys... Why do I keep coming back here....

  13. What about something simple (but still a little corny) like:
    "Ride Fast"

    Man all motorcycle related tattoos are cliche...
  14. Thanks man, helpful as!
  15. What about 99%er.
    :p lol...
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  16. I express my individuality by not having a tattoo, and demonstrate my love of motorcycling by riding.

    HOW @iClint.... HOW?!
  18. A dead kitten?
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  19. I have some road rash scars, scars where the plates and screws have been inserted into my bones, and permanent helmet hair.