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Ideas for businesses you're too lazy to make but would love to see

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smileedude, Nov 28, 2011.

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    Occasionally I have ideas that might be great to start, but I'm way too lazy and uninterested in business to actually start one. So I thought I'd dump my latest idea here in the hope someone less lazy then me thinks its a good idea and starts it up. Feel free to add your own.

    My idea. Build a replica Top Gear
    test track and get the reasonably priced cars used in the show. Charge people to race around the track and try to beat the celebrities times. Have all the celebrities times inside and a live camera to inside the car so friends can watch. Market at rev heads, fans of the show and corporate events.

    So if any ones feeling entrepreneurial start it up and give me a free ride.

  2. you just want to beat Mr. Bean don't you?
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    Id be happy to replicate Micheal Gambon's performance.
  4. What you could also do to make racing the celebrities even better, is have goggles with augmented reality on them, so they could SEE the celebrities car on the track with (ahead / behind) them as if they were really there.
  5. ...start a take-away shop...called "Teppanyaki-in-a-box"...whereby you can have Teppenyaki style food delivered to the door. There is a catch however...the food box has a spring loaded base, which upon opening throws the food at your face. It's like Teppanyaki at home! For legal purposes, no cutlery is thrown at you, however I advise not to order extra chilli...
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    You could market the russian roulette meal deal. Buy 5 ordinary meals, get a 6th spring loaded one free.
  7. A pizza shop that delivers... that is licensed.
    Beer and a pizza to your door.
  8. Sperm flavoured lip gloss.
    Tampons that are finger shaped/curved valled 'Phylangies'
  9. There is one of those in Alexandria. Having kegs of home brew in the fridge, I haven't had the need. There is also The Beer Baron that is a alcohol delivery service. Every order comes with a free bag of chips so that its legal.
  10. Salt & pepper together in the same grinder.

    Oh wait, it's been done :) Great idea though.
  11. Boost juice incorporating Sushi with a drive-through.
  12. that would be awesome for the bisexual among us.
  13. 'specially if it was cock-shaped, like the novelty lipsticks my son buys!
  14. Reverse radio, or virtual crowd.

    Bring 1000's-100 000's of audio streams into 1 or a handful. Then set up large speakers at live sporting events.

    Imagine watching the motoGP and being able to yell out "Rossi, you're a wally" from the comfort of your own living room and knowing that you are virtually in the grandstand.

    Could also be used on live radio performences, web streams etc.
  15. What Australia needs is somewhere to get an awesome breakfast without having to pay $20+ for some bacon and a bit of sausage at a cafe.
    American style diners have something going for them, I reckon. Meeting up at someplace like a Dennys before headding out on a big ride would be perfect.
  16. There is a sand bypass around the tweed river mouth. This takes the natural drift of sand and pumps it where it needs to go without people getting killed in boating accidents on the tweed bar. All of this sand is north of mineral sands deposits that were shut down by the greenies. There is a fair amount of heavy mineral in it (I saw when they were dumping it onto greenmount beach). You only need to take a 1% mass fraction and then truck it up to pinkinbar to do the electrostatic and magnetic sep. All of the "mining" and "tails disposal" is free. There is already a good road to the processing plant -- pretty much pure profit, maybe $400k of equipment. Only problem is there are 5 governments to deal with; 2x state, 2 xlocal and the federal (monazite is radioactive)....you could always claim to be cleaning the sand!
  17. Pat Tv without adverts during the shows

    it worked before
  18. A wrecking yard where everything is clean and on the shelf. With sales people with a full head of teeth.
  19. ...who charge new part prices. They already exist. I prefer the other kind.