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Ideas for a new tourer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by WGM, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Greetings Riders

    Used to have a BMW K1100 LT SE - haven't heard from the insurance company but think it will be written off.

    Always been a fan of this bike but want to be open to other options. Thought I would ask for ideas.

    The reason I like it is:
    It's big - I am 190cm tall (6'3") and 120kg so need a big beast
    It has an upright riding position - not interested in leaning forward too much - my stomach gets in the road!
    Takes a pillion easily - my wife loves sitting back, looking around and doing the titanic thing with arms out
    Has a shaft drive - low maintenance as I am a lazy shit!
    It's not too big - like Gold Wing or BMW K1200LT - so I can still lane split
    I love to tour and do the long rides - not really interested in going mega fast through twisties
    The go forever - well maybe not forever but long enough
    I am a boring fart :)

    So with a budget of 10-12K and no attachment to having to have a brand new bike, what thoughts or suggestions would you make?

    I appreciate your thoughts and your time.

  2. The two bikes that spring to mind are;

    Kawasaki GTR1000 and Honda ST1100

    You should be able to find examples in your price range and I think they will fit your criteria,

    Another option could be a Yamaha 900 Diversion?
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  4. If you disregard price I would also include the Yamaha FJR 1300
  5. vfr750/800
  6. dont forget the new bandit 1250s...great all rounder plenty of mumbo and a fantastic bike for the price...just ask twowheels and im sure he can tell you all about his new baby \:D/

    its not belt driven but dont count it out just because of that and it fits your price bracket nicely(about 12k or so on road new) she is big about 228kg or so and ultra reliable with oodles of touque which equalls lazy riding..which you said you are(mab. it will make up for lubin that chain).good for two up riding and good comfort for the pillion as far as i know...
  7. IF you can stretch your budget just a little......maybe consider a Honda Blackbird. they're on the road (new) for $15500, which I reckon represents pretty good value for money.

    Or second hand, low km one should be well within your price bracket.

    I've ridden one for only half an hour, but it was super comfortable and I would have been happy to sit on it all day. Lovely bike.
  8. The Bandit and the Blackbird are both great bikes, but they aren't tourers.

    The GTR1000 and the ST1100 are tourers... both have shaft drive and standard panniers and large protective fairings (and both are good bikes).

    In your stated price range, and looking for a tourer the only other option that are fairly common are the K1100LT or R1100RT.
  9. This link might interest you.

    But I had a ride on a Deauville a couple of weeks ago, and although it doesn't have the "ooph" of a 1000GTR it would be a capable tourer. Damn light and easy to ride. Maybe a tad expensive though.

    Personally, I now think anything bigger than 1000cc is "over the top" so the Sprint ST with panniers is a good option...but with only chain, damn it.
  10. ST1100/1300
  11. Thumbs up for the Bandit. They do make great tourers and are very comfortable (and lazy!) out on the highway. They don't have factory hard panniers and a shaft drive, ut Givi box sets are easy to come by and fit, and a chain isn't that hard to look after.

    I averaged 50k a year on my last one, and hopefully will be upgrading to the new 1250. Done quite a few 1000 mile (yes, that is MILE) days on it, and can't complain.
  12. That isn't really the point... look I'm not anti Bandit. I wouldn't have bought one if I was :)

    And yes one can 'tour' easily on a Bandit, but for the 2nd time in the thread they aren't a 'tourer'.

    'Tourers' have shaft drive :roll:
  13. Thanks everyone for the ideas.

    I can tell I am going to enjoy looking!!

  14. as someone already said: moto guzzi.
    pick up the latest Classic Bike magazine which has a feature on them and have a peruse - its like a guzzi catalogue; all you need do is pick the right one for you
  15. RGV250? :p
  16. I would go the 1250 Bandit if you want a bit of a hoonish value but also very comfortable tourer with shaft drive, but with few more bucks, as suggested, go the Yamaha FJR1300.Definitely more touring orientated and ticks all your boxes. I almost bought one but opted for another Bandit 12 instead(I aint in Ulyses club yet). Maybe ask Raven if you have inquiries, he used to have one, and now has a Blackbird, might be a nice comparison for you.