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Ideal RPM for Highway riding.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Honda Phantom, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Ive got a Kawasaki ZXR2, and i was wondering how high the rev's should be while riding on a highway (110km p/h). The power of the bike doesnt really kick in until around 8,000rpm and so i have been crusing in 5 gear mostly around the 8,000 - 10,000rpm, so i have the power ready for when i need it. e.g. overtaking someone. Should i be changing into 6th gear and cruising at a lower rpm ? because it isnt as responsive as in 5th gear.

    Anyways, hope you can help. :D

  2. If there's noone in front of you, do you still ride in 5th just in case you feel the urge to overtake?

    The answer to your question is (and this applies to riding along at any speed), you're best to ride in the highest gear which does not cause the engine to labour. That will reduce stress on the engine, and should give you better fuel economy. If there's no immediate need to overtake (and do you really need to accelerate every time you overtake when you're crusing on the freeway at 110kph or can you just roll on a little bit of throttle to make your pass) there's no reason why you shouldn't be in top gear.

    At say 60kph your engine will probably be doing it hard in top gear so you'd be better off in 4th at a guess. Been a long time since I rode a 250cc. My last 5 bikes have all been happy cruising at any speed above 50kph in top gear.
  3. Highway = 6th gear and lowest possible RPM.
    Unless you don't value your fuel economy in which case never leave 4th! :grin:
    ... or ride a litre plus sports bike.
  4. Put it in 6th and just ride faster :LOL:. Seriously no harm in cruising at high rpm (at 110 my bike's sitting on about 10,000 in 6th) but your fuel economy will suffer. If the engine doesn't struggle in 6th then use it where you feel it's safe.
  5. Try riding in 6th gear and sitting on 50-60km/h on an SP1 :LOL:
  6. Mate 6th gear is not an accessory.. :grin: put it in top and just cruise. My zzr sat on similar to yours, but i never had an issue overtaking in top, as i knew it was no racing machine. Why is it that people complain about 250's and the power, they are all slow.. :shock: They only way you are gonna be able to be happy with power is when you upgrade.
  7. how long is a peice of string. theres no answer to this, only considered opinions. regardless of what anyone says your going to do whatever you fell is right huh?
  8. Well hes the one who asked the Q, so u neva know :)
  9. I have the same bike as you mate and I cruise around the burbs at 60kmh in 5th gear, anything over 70kmh it goes into 6th.

    If I feel the need to overtake someone it only takes half a second to downshift and accelerate.
  10. Simple,

    Get a large capacity bike with ship loads of torque, (ZX12R or Hayabussa)

    Idle around at 100 doing 3000rpm

    Yet still have more pulling power than a 14 year old boy.

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

  11. yet another stupid immature response....he's riding a zx2r

    which means he's on restrictions. which means he cant ride a large capacity bike.

  12. I dont think that anybody is being stupid or immature here. nobody is telling him to upgrade now. The most common thing on here about 250's is , how fast will they go, will i be able to beat a car, oh yeah fully sik mate!! we have all been on 250's and doesnt matter if you have a cbr250rr or a moped, they are all slow, and high reving. All that i am saying is, learn to ride your 250, its not a race bike. and when you are able to upgrade, then you will be able to appreciate the power.

  13. Obviously the ELEVEN emoticons with the tongues sticking out, indicated that he has to sell his ZX2r.

    Also i did not realise that those people that DONT have restrictions are not allowed to have a ZX2r.

    So quit jumping to conclusions and .............

    Pull your HEAD IN.
  14. *puts hands up* dont shoot

    geez, stating the obvious isnt much of a safe activity these days is it
  15. Sorry to jump I.d.g.a.f

    Its the heat................and the fact it was to hot to ride today.

    Makes me cranky!!

    :grin: :evil: :grin: :evil: :grin: :evil: :grin: :evil:
  16. well the guy was mucking around & he made that as clear as day.
    u obviously are not familiar with the various emicons & what emotion
    they represent.
  17. I complaining about the bike been slow... I just find that because of a lot of hills and heavy traffic I’m always seem to overtaking trucks, cars and holiday caravans.

    I haven’t sent this post so you can upload more power to my 250... I mean, I just asked a question and you have come to the conclusion that I’m not happy with my bike.

    When I asked this question, I was sort of referring to if it’s unhealthy for the bike to be running at such high RPM's.
  18. A quote from the Mikuni web site (they make carburettors for those who don't know :LOL: )