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Ideal LAMS for short learner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Charlisa07, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. hi i am looking for my first bike for on-road use, i am having trouble deciding which to purchase as i am 1.54 meter in height (Woman) i welcome all suggestions
    thanks in advance

  2. I am a 5 ft 3 in male who weighs 54 kg. My preference is for a cruiser. Lots of grunt but I can stand flatfooted on both sides. However, the stats are that cruisers are not so popular. I havent ridden a non-cruiser in 30 years so I cant give you any info about other types.
  3. welcome aboard :) a lot will depend on the type of bike you want
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  4. i more into sporty bike like Ninja 300 kind of style , not that into cruiser or scooter (sorry cruiser and scooter lovers)
  5. The Honda VTR 250 seems a popular choice for smaller riders and is a very well regarded little machine. I've done a few rides with another member who has one and am impressed with it, was very sort after not so long ago.
    Welcome to NR :)
  6. U can get lowering kits for the ninja 300. Do a google search. The article I read the guy says his wife can put feet flat on the ground and she is 5 foot in height.
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    I had a ninja 300, had it lowered and could flat fot both feet.
    Seating for me was excellent.
    I also did a few big trips out bush on her and we managed just find.
    Ended up just shy of 16000km in 15mths.
    Spend the dosh fitting is lowered properly- suspension adjustment and risers.
    Exceptional bike for a learner and very forgiving.
    Cornering was fun and zippy as well.
    The other option are the honda cbr400 most people who have started on these are also grinners.
  8. "First bike for on-road use" implies that you have some off-road riding experience.

    While I wouldn't suggest this for a complete beginner, how about a scale model of a Ducati 996....a Cagiva Mito.

    Small, light and definitely looks like sex on wheels....even goes pretty well for a 125 two-stroke..... might that suit you?
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  9. I agree with the Ninja 300. You've already mentioned it yourself it's the kind of bike you're after and there's a reason why so many LAMS riders are riding them. I get on my brother's Ninja 300 occasionally and it's still a blast to ride.
  10. I think we need a recruitment drive for some tall birds on netrider..........
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  11. Either that or we start producing "bikie" boots with 6" heels.
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  12. I like your thinking Cam
  13. CBR300R has a narrower seat than a Ninja, which helps as well. My wife is similarly leg-length challenged. She can tippy-toe on a CBR300, and almost flat-foot on a cb125 in sneakers, but didn't like the Ninja.
  14. The missus is about 4.10", even most scooters are too high for her but she does just fine on her 250 Suzuki Intruder and most smaller cruisers would be fine. We found this site very helpful Motorcycle Ergonomics.
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  15. mmmm had a medical today and found out I have shrunk!!! 1.69!! Go figure....must be old age...anyway, I know this isn't a sporty bike but it is an awesome learner bike, believe me....duke 390!!! Not biased at all. It is a low bike, light and very very nimble....just something else you might want to consider...:) whatever bike you choose you will loooooooooooooove riding it :)
  16. Hi and welcome, don't think anyone has actualy said that.:wacky:

    As others have said the baby ninja or a little CB 125 until you get your confidence, ........lower it if you have to.

    On another note my brother who is shorter than I, used to have a super tenere, didn't lower it but just cocked a cheek everytime he stoppped LOL I sat on it last time in brisvegas and could only just do the tippytoe thing, he has been riding for 40 years so I guess has a bit more confidence............................(I thought he was crazy)
  17. I'm 171cm tall - only bike of hubby's i have difficulty with is the Super Tenere - can sit on the 01 & 09 no problems :p oops nearly forgot about the Smurfette - she is perfect

    Charlisa07Charlisa07 GoldenberriGoldenberri is of the shorter stature - she would be able to offer some advice from first hand experience
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Although height helps, being able to flat foot depends on the inseam length of your leg. For example, I have a friend who is 5'3" to my 4'11" but we have the same leg inseam - she just has a longer torso.
  20. Welcome, go sit on a variety at the local bike shop and see what they feel like. That will tell you a lot for starters. Then find out re lowering kits.

    Make sure you wear your bike boots when doing this!

    Of non cruiser bikes, the CB400 has, I think, one of the lowest seat heights of any LAMS bike at 770mm. The Ninja 300 is, by comparison, 785mm.