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:idea: My battery solution :P

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by v8mirage, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'd like to share my experience and solution with my battery lately.

    Some of you might read that my battery dead last week. I guess it contributed by short ride distance, about 10-15mins each trip on week days. So it didn't really get charged properly.

    I create myself a solution (not sure if there is existing product :-k ).

    1. 2 terminals,
    2. 2 meters wire,
    3. 'T' shaped plug (male & female),
    4. 2 clips (I don't really know what they call. :-k ), those that you use to clip to live wire.

    I fixed a ~50cms long wire with terminals on the battery, having the other end fixed with a female plug. This way I have long enough wire to connect to the battery without removing the seat each time I need to charge it.

    Then I solder the clips and the male plug to the rest of my wire, that now act as an extension which I can connect to a charger or a multi-meter to check it's voltage or a battery tester when I feel a bit lazy to get a reading from the multi-meter.

    Simple enough solution. This is really suitable for short distance frequent riders.

    Alternative solution:
    or...... just to make sure you go ride for at least an hour in the weekend. :p Which I didn't quite get the luxury every weekend. :oops:

    Note that I'm no electrical expert myself, these skills were acquired from my radio controlled car experiences. Don't hold me responsible if you electrified yourself :shock: or shorted your battery to death (which I almost did :p ).

  2. umm I bought a battery charger from D1ck Smith for $45 with a lead that connects to the battery so I can recharge without removing the seat also.

    better than sticking forks into electric sockets :!:
  3. So, do you have to fix the lead on your battery so next time you can connect your charger to the lead?

  4. I have a cigarett lighter socket wired to my bike battery on about a metre of cable. When teh bike sits a few days or more, I plug one of those cheap solar panels from BigW into the bike.
    Works great.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Hey, this is more an environmental solution. :wink:
  6. That's impressive :cool:

    So you've no doubt measured the output, but isn't there still a chance you can overcharge/damage the battery?

    I have one of those "battery tenders" - plug it in and charges the battery to full and maitains that charge without damaging the battery by automatically switching on and off.
  7. The float style battery chargers come with a lead that you bolt to the battery terminals its about 250 / 300 mm long and has a square to round type terminal that clips to the chargers lead / the alligator clips also clip to this connecton i tuck mine underneath the side cover

    Just Pop Clip and enjoy the beer in the garage after its bi monthly outing

    PS i also use a panasonic jell battery $15 secondhand 4 years ago :cool:

    Still going strong
  8. It comes with the lead which you can fix to the battery terminals... the lead has a special socket at the other end. So, the next time to charge the battery, you just have to connect the charger to the the lead (hru the socket). piece of cake.
  9. I knew it! I knew there is existing product around! Damn... :p
  10. Yeah, the cell is supposed to put out around 8-900mA, but wil only put out that in bright sunlight in the middle of the day.
    Teh cell doesn't go on straight after a ride, only if the bike has sat for a week or so.
    I tend to move the cell out of direct sunlight on a really sunny day, and in summer, I put the cell somewhere it only gets a few hours of direct sunlight.
    So far, I haven't noticed any drop of electrolyte levels (overcharging) when it's on teh cell for 2 weeks plus, and the battery is still doing fine.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Thanks for the update Andrew

    Just thinking out loud, couldn't you put some sort of "resistor" say once it reached 14-15 volts?
  12. ummm, what about a trickle charger. Or is that what you're talking bout
  13. I hand't really thought about it that much to be honest. I've had a (car) battery on the cell for a month at a time and nothing untoward has happened.
    I wonder if I can pick up some sort of voltage triggered switch from Jaycar..hmmmmmmmmmm.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Follow linky type thing here

    You need them to regulate the panel and stop nasty things happening

    I work for a major supplier of solar powered pumping systems and yes when we run solar panels to battery packs we always spec them

    Good luck
  15. Thanks. They look to be a very compact unit!.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. A "battery tender" is the name I have heard, something that switches off or "floats" till the voltage drops then turns back on again. Doesn't allow the acid to boil like the $30 charger from auto accessory store, so I guess that is why they charge $60 :shock: