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Idea for motorcycle awareness

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Morbo28, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Just saw this online. Not a bad idea to adapt for a CBD campaign regarding mirror and headchecks? If one of our representative organisations are looking for a new awareness thingy to do...


  2. What a great campaign.

  3. Yep make the mirror even more obscured for our already idiot cagers to not see us.
  4. I'm pretty sure it is designed to be taken off when the driver notices something stuck to their car that they didn't put there, hence the writing on the back.
  5. It would be typical to go through the effort of sticking a motorcycle tag on the mirror only to have the cager weave all over the road..'Damn that guy..I just cant shake him'.
  6. This is a great idea.
  7. It looks good but there are legal constraints about placing things on vehicles.

    It would need some careful examination.
  8. I have a couple of problems with this.

    1. It assumes the driver is going to look at the mirror to start with.
    2. It assumes that when the driver notices it that he/she will take the time to remove it.

    Is that a US thing? Or is it the passenger removing the sticker?
  9. It is actually an offence to place anything on a vehicle.
    It comes under Littering.
  10. or both then attempt to remove it once underway.

    Still not a bad idea.

    Maybe it could be of a scantily clad person instead with a phrase like "would a motorcyclist have got your attention as readily?".
  11. I see it as no more than just another potential distraction taking the drivers attention away from what they should be doing.

    If they really want drivers to concentrate while driving here's some things that might work.

    1. Remove all mobile phones, GPS' and DVD's from cars.
    2. Make every car driver spend a minimum of 6 months on a motorcycle or scooter.
    3. Replace all air bags with metal spikes.
  12. Can I just ask why it is that driver's need to be aware of us? What's there to gain by putting shit on their cars?
  13. Very good point, WE are responsible to not be a smidsy, yes there are times when a driver won't see you but really the onus is on us to make ourselves as visible as possible by proper lane placement
  14. + eleventybillion to you both
    but mick, if they can't drive a car, putting them on a bike will only speed them toward their impending death, which would then make things even harder for us. lets be honest, they're not smart enough to learn from their mistakes.....
  15. Or we can fit horns thats honk continuously whenever the ignition is on, and yellow strobe lights on any part of the bike that isn't an instrument cluster or peddle :)
  16. Short term loss for long term gain...... Darwins Theory at work. Only the strong and those that can adapt will survive.