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I'd shoot the little bastard if I could catch him........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. One of the blokes here just went down to the car park and found his Alfa had been 'badged', so we all went down to check. It turns out three other cars had been 'badged'.....and my bloody scooter!!! The little sh1t has levered off the enamel badge on the front and left deep scratches in the paint......ggaaaaaa....#$&^*()....^%$@##%^^.......!!!!!!!!....

  2. I thought that craze had largely died out with manufacturers using cheap plastic badges, or just decals, instead of metal? (Remember the 179 Holden badge???)
    Head downtown on Friday night and check out the local intelligentia for badges on their belt buckles, is probably your only chance ......
  3. What a pain.

    TBH I badged a couple of cars when I was a skeggy kid. 'Spensive ones too. You can come belt me one if it makes you feel better.
  4. never had the urge to do anything like that.

    practical joke where you could observer your efforts are much more satisfying

    i know Dad's landcruiser was badged (even the big ones on the sides) 2 days after he bought it..... in 1986... what people do with footlong badges reading "LANDCRUISER" i'll never know :roll: :?
  5. I just phoned the dealer and a new badge is $53!!! I'm pretty sure I can sort the paintwork with a touch-up kit, but thats another $14 bucks. So, $67 and at least an hour of my time..........I wanna kill something!!!....
  6. dogfighting with some seaguls perhaps?? :LOL:

    or stand on a few ants.
  7. I have some feral possums at my place, u are more than welcome to take a few pop shots at those things... oh and bloody flying rats (pigeons)
  8. I know a guy with a Honda S2000 and that thing just gets badged constantly. Between that and people slashing the soft-top, I'd never buy one [or at least never park it in the city].

    I know what you mean Inci.
    You just want to at least let the kid know:
    "You want to do that, fine. But you better be careful - because if I CATCH you doing it, I will glue my badge back on using your freshly aquired bone marrow. Punk."
  9. Ah, I thought this was going to be a thread about Rossi.


    Apart from that, BLEH to idiots who badge. I got my car done about 6 years ago, don't really care for it so I just put a sticker over the hole. *raises left rist at little punks*
  10. Re: I'd shoot the little bastard if I could catch him.......

    The X9? No problem. There are two Piaggios parked in the station carpark next to my office.

    Will one set of badges be enough, or should I get you a spare set?
  11. Punks. Plenty of real rats where I live, and feral cats. Those feral cats are pretty nasty. Maybe we could tape a feral cats kitten to the guys head, then stick him in a room with its pissed off dirty big mum.
  12. Re: I'd shoot the little bastard if I could catch him.......

    Both please, and could you get me a spare muffler as well? I touched mine down on a 'spirited' ride the other day...........
  13. incitatus maybe its time to invest in a sensor alarm - one with a tilt sensor or proximity alarm. I could also suggest you rig it up to a tear gas canister for effect :grin:
  14. For my sisters 21st I done her up a XW Falcon GT Mockup. Got a nice shell with a reasonable paint job, acquired some nice mags from a buddy, got my cousin to do some mechanical work and spent a lot of time going to swap meets to get the right badges and GT mirrors. Only to have the GT mirrors stolen and badges stolen in the first couple of months. Worst thing was I was told who done it and found out they sold them for bugger all.

    She loved it for the first year, now 4 years later it sits in a shed gathering dust and hasn't been taken for a drive in about six months. She won't even let me take it out for a spin or sell it to me dirt cheep when I go visit her back in bendigo.
  15. The really annoying thing is that I had a Xena alarm/disk lock on it. He must have been really careful because it didn't go off, and it is quite sensitive. I suspect he is quite experienced in his chosen dark art.
  16. Like the quote in your Sig very much Incitatus and thanks for sharing the pics of the ducati and short descriptions . Very very nice.

    Oh. Yes. the topic at hand .......

    The Gravestone of a low down badge nicker -

    Here lies the body of sadge ... He was Shot for niking a badge ....
    His name was not sadge , perhaps it was wood
    but wood would not rhyme with badge , and sadge would.
  17. Badging is big again, check Ebay...........
    In a day, these kids can make a couple of hundred bucks in badges.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. just go down to your local gaming arcade and belt the first kid you see... it'll make you feel better.
  19. I'm not a kid but I look young if I've shaved. And I played football for one of the shittiest teams ever so I'm used to taking a beating.......

    Also I work in IT/Insurance so I'm used to being sodomised......
  20. Inc at least it wasn't the whole bike