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I'd like to get old like you too you F**K!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by theterrier, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. (sorry for my language for those who mind)

    Mother F**king mother f**king f**ker!
    ...now I feel better - a bit! I think... maybe not

    So - my first SMIDSY this evening - however it turned out to be SMITICGIFOU... read on.

    So, I'm riding up a two lane road, with barriers on left, median strip one right For those of you in Melb I was heading north on Burke rd, just of Eastern freeway, right before the beginning of the Boulevard ( here ).

    Anyhow, I'm on my L's, so I am a little wary when lanes merge that people will try to get in front of the "L" plate - seems to be, that irrelevant of the speed you go, an "L" plate seems to give people a friggin' brain ache, which results in all logic being suppressed... hmm

    So, I'm approaching the position where the lanes merge in the left lane (rght wheel track), one car not too far in front of me in right lane, one car coming up from behind in right lane (not too fast, kind of wobbly though). Speed limit 60km/p/hr, I'm travelling at the speed limit, but beginning to slow a little as the car in front of me does coming towards the next corner. Anyhow, I indicate early, and begin to merge towards the right lane, probably a little earlier than I would do in a car but I felt like I wanted to own my lane before the car coming up behind me got too close.

    Now, as I begin to merge right I take a peek in my mirror (all good), then do a quick head check, and my mind goes "WTF"! as the car to the right behind me has floored it, puts wheels on median strip and is coming right up next to me, FAST!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! :censored: I went to give the bike some, to move forward, but realised the car win front was looming large ahead as the lanes merged, and still the car next to me was accelerating, wheel on median strip!!! Again, WTF!!!! SO, I go for the EB (60km/p/hr)... Squeeze, Dip, wiggle...OK... Just as the car comes off the median strip, back towards me, past front my wheel, and then takes over the whole lane and keeps going... WTF!!!!

    (Note: Thank you thank you thank you to Sat morning sessions - I am soooo indebted. I obviously still need to work on keeping bars straight though... ;))

    Now - I am happy (as a new rider) to be instructed, chastised, and grilled here - but hell, I'm not sure what else I could have done with that car actively trying to go around me for no reason at all? I'm just happy I watch my mirrors, and that I seem to naturally drive defensively. Please feel free to point out to me if you see a fault from me here - coz if I can avoid it I have no interest in this happening again.

    To continue... I had not stalled (surprisingly), so I proceeded to drive up the road and around the corner (brown stripes in pants and eyes rather large I'm sure), to find my friendly lane sharer stopping at the lights ahead... not even running the orange... oh, yea gods... So, I pull up next to their front door, horn going...long and loud, front window is open, and then my mouth acts (before my brain can) "WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT YOU F**KING F**K" says my mouth (hmmm - classy, clever and eloquent as ever hey), as my mind registers: 1 x little old man and 1 x little old lady looking at me in complete shock and horror. I'm pretty sure more things came out of my mouth, but cannot really recall what they were, as he then up and says:

    HIM: "Sorry, I thought I could get in front of you?"...

    My mind: "come again.. WTF!!!
    My mouth: "F**KING WHY" This time only louder (my mouth is obviously no good without my brain)

    HIM: ... ...crickets... ...

    My mouth: "WELL I'D LIKE TO GET OLD LIKE YOU TOO YOU F**K. F**KING THINK"... I was a little happier with my mouth for that one, however I do believe my mind had started to work a little again.

    Lights change, I ride off, he turns left... I then mess up all of my lines through the next corners, ao have to pull over, breath, slow down, think, breath... ahhhhh

    Thanks again to Doug and Dave for Sat morning L's session - they've made me happy, and I've only been to a few of them!
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  2. Well done for keeping it up mate.
    What a fkn blind dipsiht some folk are. Not just the HOONS you need to keep an eye out for. Oldies too!
    Trust no one mate.

    Well done again, thanks for sharing,
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  3. well done for not losing it, its funny how everyones quick to blame the learners,p platers.. but a good majority of problems happen from older peoples driving.

    definitely got the short end of the stick.'

    hopefully your spray at them will make them open their eyes in future./
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  4. well congrats on a. not locking up and dropping the bike b.stopping when your head was messed up [smart move to unwind] c. for not gettin off the bike and thumping him..
    agree with the swearing and yelling, although it might have been dicey if the old guy had a heart attack!! I am on your side believe me.. Normally the driver would be a young 'mario' with doof doof music not givvin a crap about you and would flip the bird as he went thru..
    Again proof that morn prac sessions save lives!! Saved my arse was saved a couple of miths ago thanks to them.
  5. Thanks Goddie - I could not agree more - oh, and as for the heart attack and doof doof fellow, I'll have to go to Sat sessions to practice mind before mouth also I guess, not sure it'll work though ;)
  6. Good to hear you are OK and the practice paid off.
  7. There are some who do such things because they are bullies on the road and then there are other such as the one in your post do so simply because they don't think...

    You have to question the motive of a road user who simply believes that because an L-plater is ahead, they should overtake. Doubly-so to share your lane and straddle a medium strip to achieve their goal! Placing his inconvenience of being "stuck" behind a L-plater ahead of the safety of the said L-Plater was not only an act of selfishness but proved downright dangerous for you! Still, he probably had a legitimate reason (such as ensuring he gets to bingo early to snare a "good" table or his wife's incontinence pad was in desperate need of replacing) in his mind to justify his reckless behaviour.

    Although your "spray" probably felt good and relieved some of your nervous ire/tension, an ol' fart like this is probably just doing what he's done all his life. In other words, he probably won't change his spots and will continue to be a menace on the road. Remember this incident and how you reacted to avoid the danger. Add it to your "kit of skills" for future encounters... unfortunately, it probably won't be your last.

    Good call pulling over to gather your composure rather than compromise the remainder of your ride with a muddied brain. It also served to ensure the said muppet was long gone and played no further part in your day.
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  8. don't care who he is or how old.
    he tried to kill you, plain and simple.
    just because he says sorry it was unintentional, dose'nt mean he's being truthful. you don't know him, so you don't know that.
    you are still travelling in the same direction as him. he is armed and dangerous. those are the facts at hand.
    how you choose to deal with that is up to you.
    but there was a window of opportunity there, to stop him before he tried to kill you again.
    i know i'd be pleading self defense. and witnesses in court that saw him driving on the median strip beside me.
  9. It's really good to hear that you're OK and that you got out of that in one piece terrier. I agree with MT in that it's less about his age and more about his reckless driving - which has probably been a part of his driving personality all through his driving life. An a-hole is an a-hole, irrespective of their age ..........
  10. Glad it all worked out ok in the end.

    See you Saturday?. I think so.

    Always pull over and calm down after any incident that upsets you, you are a danger to
    yourself if you ride on in that state.

    All in all, you handled yourself very well.
  11. This highlights the danger of displaying plates. They work all well and good on the assumption that all road users are nice and courteous and will give you extra room. But that assumption is fricking awful. It may be worth sending that story to a minister or a shortened version to a paper. No doubt inexperienced drivers and riders have lost their lives under similar circumstances.
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  12. When I read that it was a old couple looking shocked!... I assumed that they didn't see you!!.... BUT FFS, they did see you.... and deliberately tried (and succeeded) to get in front of you ... and in doing so, put you at risk!!.... :censored:

    Your mouth did fine in the circumstances!!.... =D>
  13. I noticed a marked difference in the way other drivers reacted to me once the L plates were gone. It's like the plates say " come close and try and intimidate me".

    Also notice this when out driving with my son who is on his L's. Other drivers even seem to overtake him on solid lines when he is travelling at the speed limit.
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  14. I agree with what most have already said. First, well done for stopping when your head wasn't in it. One thing I would caution though. If you're going to give a motorist a spray, make sure you have an escape etc. Not an issue in this case, and I don't suggest we all ride around too scared to stand up for ourselves, but be aware of things like this and make sure you can sort yourself out if need be.
  15. This is one of the reasons why I was so keen to get rid of my L's. SOME drivers would give you extra space, LOTS of them would have a brain explosion and do everything they could to get past you before you held them up for 30 seconds. People kept saying, "don't be in a rush to get off your L's"... stuff that. Do it as soon as you're able I say. It's dangerous having one on some times.
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  16. Thanks all for your comments!

    I've slept on this, and have woken up feeling refreshed and much more calm... had not realised I was so worked up until re-reading my above rant.

    I must say, I think, if I had my "moment" again, I would hope that my mind would beat my mouth to the punch. Prob would have been better to have used different language in the circumstances, as my 'audience' might have taken a different set of words on board - rather than a leather clad bike rider swearing at them. It might also have been a good idea to get a license plate as part of the process... not sure what would have come from that though as no-one was injured etc. That's what I'm taking away from this, and the fact that I need to always watch others on the road very carefully.

    Anyhow - again, thank you for your comments, and yes, I'll be there on Sat! Cheers.
  17. And where is your proof of this?

    In the nearly 30 years I've been driving and 16 years I've been riding it has been my experience that bad driving/riding can only be categorised in to one group, 'road users'.
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  18. i had an old guy pull out into the middle of an intersection on me the other day and i had to brake fairly hard

    looking at the expression on his face, it was like he was trying to remind himself what day it was.

    i mean seriously, wtf
  19. And I've had 20 something year olds do the same thing, your point is what exactly......