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icy start to the day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. G'day all, had an interesting and somewhat amusing ride to work the other morning.
    Started out at 5am as always, nice minus 2 degree morning. Head of through town, get out on the open road and ecounter the first of the fog. No real issue there, I have actually discovered that riding in fog isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Anyway I get 10kms down the road and realise that the strap that goes around my waist to help keep the back amour pad of my jacket is undone, so I decided to stop at strathy (opprox halfwy to work) to do it up. during the trip there I had to wipe myvisor a few times to remove the dew biuldup on it from the fog. Each time I did however I noticed it was getting harder and harder to keep the visor clear. Pulled over to safe spot in strathy and removed my gloves. Realised to my amusement that there was ice on the fingertips of the gloves. went to undo my flouro vest that i wear over my jacket and dicover more ice. Decided to remove my helmet to dry the visor with a cloth I always carry and discovered.... You guessed it , even more ice. So anyway after scrapping the ice off my visor and fixing everything else I continued my journey to work.
    Once I parked my bike etc, I checked it over and discovered that ice had built up on the front of the forks, the backs of the mirrors and on the front of the air filters.
    One thing i have also dicovered is that if it's below 2degrees then my bike actually goes colder than it was when i started from home and once i get to the town i work in after sitting on 100km/h I have to put the choke half on or she stalls. That's the only prob I have found with an air cooled bike sometimes they get too cold as there is no liquid to keep it warm.

    Has anyone else here experienced an ice-up such as this.
    I must point out that I was surprisingly warm through this whole experience, so I at least know i have the right gear.
    that was last tuesday, wednesday it was down to -4deg, but not as much fog so never iced up.
    Cheers to all, sorry bout the lengthy post, just wanted to share my experience.

  2. Part of the motorcycling experience eh! I've had my visor 'ice' into place, as well as jacket zips busting and other little fun things. Maybe slow down to 80-90, that may help a little with the cold running.
  3. erk, ice and wind-chill.
    My worst was 1980 riding down the Putty Road in July; when I stopped at the Halfway House just before dawn there was ice completely covering the visor of my helmet, and nearly obscuring my glasses (I'd been riding with the visor up, for obvious reasons). My Belstaff jacket was full of spicules of ice in all the folds, and the pain of having the blood seep back into my fingers as I warmed them over an open fire was almost worse then the pain of the cold. I found out later that the ambient temperature that morning had been -4 degrees; with my speed at around 130kmh I don't even want to think about what the wind-chill factor must have been.
    Glad you made it unscathed.....
  4. For a temperature of -4 degrees C and a wind speed of 130KPH, the wind chill temperature is -24 degrees C :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


    HTH :grin:
  5. And my good news is i fitted my grip warmers on saturday - YAY - no more pain at the end of the eastern freeway each morning.
  6. just wondering where you got them and how much were they...
  7. Birdrock, I THOUGHT I was cold :shock:
  8. Troy,you can get the grip warmers at almost any bike shop. I got mine from shepp yamaha. there is more than one style. there are the ones that go under your exsisting grip, ones that are embedded in new grips or they have ones that wrap around your grips thus making them removeable.
    If you have trouble finding them check out ebay, although you have to buy them from the states.
  9. Troy, the ones i got are VSM grip heaters - they are the type that you put under your own grips - which is what i preferred since my grips work well. only cost me $59 from brians bikemart in ringwood. i have added a weather proof switch cover ($3 from dick smith - a rubber condom on a nut that fits over the toggle). Let me know if you want more info - happy to help.