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Icon Womens Jackets do any of you girls have one?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by iamahot1, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. I'm looking at importing one of these jackets. I absolutely love them and from my research they are very rarely available in australia. When they are they retail for $700. Have any of the girls got one? If so, what is the quality, fit and sizing like

  2. Are we talking Leather or Textile?

    Am guessing leather at the price! So can't comment, but I have an Icon wet weather textile jacket/pants & can't praise it enough :)
  3. Yeah.. I want to get one for the men's too. and a pair of gloves....

    Some stores stock Icon stuff, but they never have much range.
  4. what in your opinion are the good qualities about it and which textile jacket do you have
  5. They look really nice aye.. Maybe should import some and sell onto Aussie chicks.. There isn't really alot of good looking bike gear around for the ladies... one's which don't make you look like a beefy biker anyway hehe.
  6. Well.. Ixon makes some really nice stuff for Chicks. Looks hawt on them too. :p
  7. I have pink Team Merc (textile) summer jacket... and I love it! I bought it off ebay using the sizing chart and it was fine. Only downside to it is there is no waterproof liner. But an awesome jacket otherwise and it was cheap too, just over $200 AUD including shipping.

    It fits really well, with a definite feminine fit. A very sturdy jacket.
  8. I have a winter one, love it, $200.
  9. If you need a blokes opinion, the only Icon gear I have seen is the attached. Looks outstanding to me! Looks like it may not offer complete protection to all areas however!

  10. LOL, es, I was thinking of you and your jacket when I posted... was gonna addd "Just ask Eswen" but decided to wait. :p

    If only they had something kinda kewl for guys too.. :p
  11. :LOL: thanks :p

    I think the guys jackets arent too bad either, just ask seany ;) :rofl: