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Icon vs Draggin's vs other?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_roboto, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. How do icon pants (and others) fair against our locally made draggin's? If anyone here has tried both, I'd like to hear what they think.


  2. Mate, before someone jumps in and tells you to 'do a search' I'll tell ya that I did and I got the distinct impression that 'Draggin & Hornee' were the two most thought of due to the amount of kevlar involved.
    You're always going to get someone with a gripe against them, eg "mine fell apart just from the sunlight,blah,blah" but in general Id haveta say they still get the thumbs up in the majority.
    So.........I bought a pair of Draggins :wink: and I'll have a look at Hornee when I find them.
    Cheers Rogues
  3. I've got a pair of Draggins and a pair of Hornees, the Hornees are way better. The kevlar is woven more finely and is a lot more comfy, unlike the Draggins which have quite rough kevlar patches and get hotter.

  4. I think when your arse goes skidding down the road at 60 you wont really care about anything you've mentioned there... Might I suggest silk jam jams...
  5. I spent the last half an hour looking through old threads. People seem to say that dragins aren't much better than normal jeans, and that they still get skin ripped off in a slide, and that leather is the best etc.

    I'm only going to be commuting and a bit of fun, so I wont be going that fast. I may get leathers later on. Right now, I'm either considering some dragin's or icon anthem's. I want them in black.
  6. If I ride hard I wear Draggins with Dainese Knee/shin pads underneath.

    The draggin's aren't the most "fashionable" jeans but I feel more secure having the jeans higher up my waist than Hornee/Icon jeans.

    Of course nothing beats leather but leather isn't comfortable enough to be walked around in all the time.
  7. ive got a pair of icon anthem jeans, and they seem pretty decent. although i havent taken a slide yet, the kevlar gives good coverage on the front and side of knees and also on the hip area.
    moderately warm on cold mornings but gets very hot in summer. havent tried draggins but im quite happy with the icon anthems.
  8. Draggins have a great cargo-style pant in black, for under $200, if I recall correctly. I haven't fallen/skidded off the bike with them on, but I can assure you that there's a liberal amount of kevlar on them.

    They also fit my hips and butt well too, compared to the women's cut. :wink:

    Overall they're not too ugly, but can be rather warm if you're just puttering around. Great to sleep in during cooler months though :grin:
  9. I have a pair of Icon Anthems in blue and they look and feel great. The quality and make is very good and they feel very sturdy. Legs never feel cold.

    I'm a 36 and they fit perfectly, waist and length. I'm 6"2' and length on the legs is perfect.

    If you were a short 36, length may be a bit long but when you hop on the bike they would creep up a bit so wouldn't be a real concern anyway.

    Aramid/Kevlar in the hips but would have been nice in the bum too however the pockets are long with double layered denim which offers good protection (no way your wallet will come out of your back pocket when riding too).

    RRP $199 vs Draggins equivalent at $254.

    (Black Anthems don't have the cool patches on the legs)
  10. I might buy them from http://www.motorcyclegiant.com/ since the anthems are USD$125. Will work out to about $140 or so after exchange rate.

    How is the fitting on the pants guys? I'm a 32-34 in normal jeans, should i get a smaller one? Also, I'm not that tall (170cm), so would the length be too long?

    Im thinking about shift lowdown's, shift torque's, or Icon standard's.
  11. size wise, im 32-34 as well, but i definately need a belt when wearing my icons. lengthwise, im about 185cm tall, and when the jeans are pulled up they are the perfect length.
    it might be worth your while to check out ebay, i got mine for about $100 off ebay.
  12. What can I do if the pants are too long? It's not like you can get the hem shortened like with normal jeans, because of the Kevlar..
  13. the kevlar isnt on the bottom portion of the jeans, you can get them altered just like regular jeans

    i got my icon anthems off ebay for $100 too, it came in a darker shade than in the pictures but oh well can't complain when you're saving $100 off retail.

    they're not the most comfortable pair of jeans and are really heavy to be walking around in, but i guess like someone said earlier comfort and safety don't always go hand in hand.

    given the choice i'd go a pair of draggins, but i just couldn't justify the extra $150 over the icons.

    haven't road tested it yet though, but i can say with confidence that i'd rather go for a slide in the icons than my levis

    oh and also, the icons go all the way up your stomach so its alot higher than hipster jeans, meaning it covers ur waist and most importantly ur hip bones in a slide.
  14. No ****???!! Were they new off ebay though? :?:
  15. Hey guys, I got my Icon Anthems off eBay as well. Picked them up for $90 + $18 p&h. Arrived within 2 days.

    i'm a 32 waist and they fit just fine. more comfy than my everyday jeans as they are loose fitting. cheers, matt
  16. yep brand new off ebay, direct from china, only took about 3 or 4 days to get here and am definately happy with the quality so far.
  17. The hem can be shortened as the kevlar only goes about halfway down the shin (the rest of your lower leg will be protected by your boots).

    But I don't mind them being so long - I fold the ends to take up a little of the slack and then tuck them into my boots. That way there's spare length trapped in the boot incase the jeans "ride up" during a crash.
  18. I just noticed that the Icon jeans don't have kevlar lined in the backside. So that's a downside to their cheap price...
  19. yeah but its got super long pockets so its 2 layers of 14oz denim
  20. And dragins?