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icon leather jackets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MGz-87, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. hey,
    just wondering if anyone knows or has any experience with icon leathers??

    just saw a couple of styles on the net but i dont think they are sold here in Aus??

    any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. yeah they are.

    if my memory is correct i saw the icon brand at 'bike biz' in parra' as well as 'sydneycitymotorcycles' in kogarah. check to confirm, though.
  3. Just wondering if you guys ended up actually findin anywhere here that had em?

    Might go have a look for some new gear today, see if i can not get it stolen this time :p
  4. Not sure if anyone had mentioned this yet... Talked to the guys at the icon stand thingy at the mc show today and was informed that the icon Jackets and alot of their other products are still a couple of months off being available here. In fact what they had on display(a couple of jackets and a few odds and ends) was all they even had themselves.

    He said it is available to all stores etc. so it should start popping up early next year.

    Just spewing they didnt have much there cause i was trying to confirm some sizes to get some stuff from the states :facepalm:
  5. How was the show, mik? I went for a ride around here this morning and picked up a screw in the back tyre, so now I can't go to it tomorrow (sigh)
  6. Thats gotta annoy ya :(

    First time ive been since the bikes had their own show. Definately much better than last time i went years ago when it was part of the motor show. And it wasnt super busy either(considering it was a saturday and all)

    Ample parking there, ticket lines were short and the ammenities(spelling) were quite good.

    All the bikes were there and provided you asked there was no dramas havin a sit on most of em... Id never sat on the duke 999 before and couldnt get over how hard the seat is :shock: As soon as i sat on it i had a sore ass!, i imagine it provides great feel for the rear though.

    Heaps of product stalls, found everythin i was hopin to find and then some. Heaps of chance to try on heaps of gear and browse heaps of aftermarket products etc...

    A few nice girls too :wink: . Only wish i was there with mates or some of the guys here instead of me old man :p And wish i owned a nice digital camera...

    But yeah overall was really good i thought. Ill definately be making a habbit of going to check it out each year. Pity you cant make it, im sure youd really enjoy it. Oh well, always next year.
  7. I thought ICON had its products available already in Oz, they started they ad campain a few months ago in the motorcycle news to promote it b4 hitting the shelves.

    And "nodz" bought one of their jackets about 6 weeks back, he seems pretty happy with it.

    cheers ratty
  8. Hmmm, id been lookin for them everywhere. Rang heaps of stores and nowhere had anything. These guys said they had some of the pants and stuff but the jackets hadnt arrived here yet and wouldnt for a couple of months.

    I have only looked here in sydney though. Maybe thats what they were talking about too. They may well have it in melbourne then.
  9. yeah i spoke to the bloke too. theres some boots im looking at. he reckons some things will be here next year and others might take a bit longer. (im guessing he means helmets cause they have to be ADRed) but he said for the stuff you saw at the show, just rock into your bike shop and ask them to speak to gas imports and it should get there. i think itll start being "in stock" next year sometime but you shouldnt have any trouble ordering stuff in now.

    ooh and the girls were ok. some were nice but nopt spectacular, but i only got one picture. with the hottest one :twisted: :twisted: :D
  10. :shock: ARGH!!! my apology guy's. i confused the the brand in question with another brand called 'ixon'.
  11. Lol, i thought that might be the case cause i called them both and they didnt have none...